the campas

the campas

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

free pancake day.... one of my favorite holidays.  
i'm all about two things in life: holidays.  and free stuff.  and free pancake day is both of those things mixed into three fluffy pancakes, covered in butter and strawberry syrup.'s not really free.  and that is the genius of "free" pancake day: by the time you give a charitable donation to the children's foundation they are raising money for.....and tip the really nice waitress who gave you free flapjacks...andddd buy a delicious chilled mountain dew: you have actually spent way more money that the total cost of a few pancakes.'s still fun.  and so i go every year.

we even did a story on it on today's show.  it's at the end.  angela is in mexico cause she is cool and a world-traveler.  i kind of want to be her when i grow up.  i miss her, but it was really fun to co-anchor with kara today.  sorry i have been bad about posting the shows.  ###

Sunday, February 26, 2012

my week, instagram style.

this week was went by fast.  did it happen?  i can't remember.  i guess it must have, because i have all these pictures from it.  

what did i do this week?  hmmm.  
homework. listen to the FUN album on repeat. eat chocolate. watch downton abbey. play with my friends.  FaceTime with the sister.  dread graduation. contemplate my future. visit family. learn how to use a crockpot.  
productive week?  i'd say so.  

skiing snowbird with the cousins.  except not really, cause they are too good for me.  yes, seriously.  future olympians.

beautiful keys i found while i was practicing organ.  it's the little things.

watching my cougs lose the big gonzaga game.  maybe brian and i ate a tub of creamery ice cream straight from the box out of grief.  sue me.  

i love anchoring for KBYU.  so much.

using a wok during cooking class.  legit right?  i never got to eat that stir fry though...dang vegetarianism can be such a party pooper.

brian looks goooood in my glasses.  and that shirt.  and that hat.    

i got a late valentines from my BFFL in the philippines!!  i love HER more than every grain of rice in the philippines!!!!  she is doing an awesome job out there, and i am pretty sure the whole nation will soon be converted. yup, i am positive.
miss her.  and summer.  (and those sunglasses, which i sat on and broke).  reasons why i won't buy nice Ray-Bans.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

otter-ly amazing.

how was your president's day?  mine was awesome.  god bless america.  i love presidents cause they give us a day off....and other reasons too, i guess.

this president's day, brian and i went to the living planet aquarium in sandy!  have you seen the billboards on the I-15?  they are "otter-ly amazing."  

i think every child in utah was at the aquarium on presidents day...but the only kids there i cared about were jack and noelle matkin.  that's right...we got to go to the aquarium with my 2 cute cousins and aunt diana.  being there with kids made is so much more fun.  they are so impressed by everything.  and those two definitely knew what they wanted to see and what they didn't want to see.

if you live in utah...go to the aquarium!!  it was really cool.  it looks like it could be a's just a boring building in a boring shopping center.  but inside there are so many crazy critters.  like a massive snake....flesh eating pirañas....stingrays....and cute otters.  although i only saw one.  but he was still super cute.    

 haha.  noelle is so happy here.  and jack is so confused.  why are they so cute?  
random child petting a stingray.  i touched it too, don't worry.  #slimy.
my little penguins.
 this snake was huuuge.  i stayed away from the glass, so as to avoid a "harry potter at the zoo" moment.
 there he is.  the lone otter.

a fish-filled day ending with a trip to coldstone with my aunt, adorable cousins, and brian campa?  best presidents day ever?  i think so.  ###

Saturday, February 18, 2012

feelin' jazzy.

yesterday may have been one of the greatest days of anna hayes. i know i say that a lot, but i think that's when you know you have a good thing going. when each and every day you go to bed saying: "today was a great day.  maybe even the best day." yup...i've got a good thing going for sure.

first reason why i love fridays: i only have ONE class.  and yesterday, my professors straight up forgot to make a quiz for us.  umm..HOLLER professor parry!!  i planned my schedule this semester to have only one class on fridays so i could go skiing every week.  but..there has been approximately no snow until this week.  so, yesterday was the first utah ski trip for leslie and i.  it was so worth the wait.  it wasn't too cold at all, and the snow was fresh and still powdery!  

BEST part of the ski trip: while i was on the lift, i got a call from my news director, brother curtis.  i missed it, but immediately called him back,  assuming i said something on air to offend the KBYU gods and was being fired as an anchor.  (it could happen...).  BUT...he had good news.  GREAT fact.  I won a gracie award!  i know, you have never heard of it.  and that's ok...i shall explain.  it's a broadcast news award presented by the alliance for women in media foundation.  it's an awards ceremony to honor women in media, which i think is SO awesome.  

i won for the "best feature news story" category for my fashion vs. feathers piece!  i am SO excited.  this is such a huge honor that is going to boost my broadcast career.  it makes me happy to feel like all my hard work is paying off.  i feel so lucky, and cannot believe that they picked me.  plus, there is a red carpet gala in beverly hills for all the winners!!  (it's broadcast on the Hallmark channel...which is funny to me). 

i was checking out pictures from the past couple of years.  some stars i recognized at the event who were also Gracie winners: Amy Poehler, Lucy Hale from pretty little liars, Penn Badgley, Chelsea Handler, Meredith Vieria, Patircai Heaton, Zachary Levi, ESPN's Hannah Storm and Erin Andrew, E!'s Maria Menounos, Suzy Orman, 30 Rock's Jane Krakowski, Cat Deely, Jessica Simpson, Rashida Jones, and others.  ummm hello awesome celebrities.  can we be friends?  i hope so.  

also: Angels Kinsey from The Office is hosting.  is that random?  yes.  but so awesome.  Office=hilarious.  

so that was pretty exciting.  still not over it.  BYU dominated.  we have two other Gracies awards winners from my class, and i am so happy we can all party together in beverly hills in may!  i can't wait.  but, i'll take any excuse i can to buy a gown and get all done up.  but the gala feels so far away...dang it.

sooo........after skiing, i picked up bri-guy and we had a Gracie freak out session in the car involving lots of screaming.  it was necessary.  then we went to my fav. place to eat: PEI WEI!  nommmm.  

i always go to pei wei in vegas, and now they have one in sandy. have you been?  probs, cause the line was out the door with people.  totes worth the wait and missing most of the first quarter of the Jazz vs. Wizards game.  

the Jazz game was great, even though we had horrid seats.  we still had a good time, and i did the "john wall" dance about a gazillion times, even though the Wiz's lost by a lot of points.  tom and leslie where also there.  they were more festive than we were, sporting wizards attire.  they were actually the only fans there, i believe.

this is the John Wall dance, not leslie and i pretending to be mrs. potts.  don't be confused.

side note: my aunt chantal is awesome.  not only does she provide me with most of the clothes i wear on KBYU since her closet is far classier and more expansive than mine...but she spotted a cute outfit i had pinned on pinterest and gave me that exact outfit  for christmas.  (well, technically BJ did...but we all know he's not on pinterest).  i wore the outfit to the Jazz game last night!  chantal is making my virtual dream closet become a reality.  holla!!  (i know, pinterest girl still looks better than me.  working on it). 

and that is why yesterday was awesome.  i wonder if today can top it??  i'll try.  ###

Tuesday, February 14, 2012


i love valentines day.  

it is the day of love...the day where it's perfectly fine to wear hot pink AND bright red on the same day...the day where you are allowed to spend 3 hours making hand-made valentines when you have TONS of homework..the day where you can eat 15 reeses cups and a cupcake for lunch...and the day where you have a great excuse to spoil the ones you love.

 new PJ's from the parents!

 look at that happy crew!!  so much love.
 i got asked to eat this delicious cupcake on TV.  not a problem at all.  i will eat this cupcake basically anywhere.

 yup.  kika smashed a cupcake in my face.  i still love her.
 feeling the love from grandparents...visiting teachers...and brian's family...
before our d8.
 Jazz tix for brian.  he is excited.  probably because i wrote an awesome poem on his card.  ok, it wasn't awesome.  but still.
so....yup....i went crazy this valentines day.  i can't help myself.  i love spreading the love and i love this holiday.  i admit, i used to be a hater.  (haters gonna hate, as i like to say).  well, that phase of my life is over.  

maybe i was bitter that i didn't have a valentine.  maybe i was just a scrooge.  but not to worry, i am festive now...and thanks to my family, friends, news crew, and brian, I had the BEST day ever.  i love love love LOVE.  that is all.  ###

Sunday, February 12, 2012

lizzie lizzie LIZZIE

there is absolutely nothing more depressing than watching an express shuttle van zoom away from you towards the airport in a snow storm.  it would depress me no matter who was the lonely passenger inside of it...but was especially depressing because it was holding lizzie hayes inside of it.

lizzie and i had a great weekend.  the best, maybe.  even though a winter storm put an end to our plans on visiting the family in salt lake city, we still loved all the snow we got today.  i don't think i have "played" in the snow since i was a carefree and new-to-utah freshman.  but, in honor of lizzie, we got all bundled up and enjoyed the playground at wasatch elementary with all the snow!  it was so beautiful and lots of fun.  we spent the rest of the day making cake pops and valentines in honor of the upcoming day of loooove!  i love valentine's day and being festive with lizzie.  i wish she never had to leave, but alas, AP classes won't allow her to hang out with her awesome older sister for more than a weekend.

here's some pictures from our amazing weekend.  miss you already, lizard.  ###

 introducing lizzie to costa vida!  she tasted the wave...and we still don't know which is better.  cafe rio or costa?  #lifelongdebate
 we are sort of obsessed with provo beach resort.  best place to play fun arcade games!  we went two nights in a row.  yup.
 loving life.
 sleep over.  so comfy.
valentine's nails!!!
 ready for the pepperdine BYU game.  we won by....a lot. 
 cosmo in his undies shooting cupid's arrows at people.  kinda weird...kinda hot.
 victory!  lizzie's sweet shirt is signed by all the players.
mmmmm...sushi ya.
 we ran out of good prizes to choose from at the provo beach resort.  so....we got these.  hahah.
 just hanging out with lizzie.
 she's so cute.
 sisters at chathamtowne!
cake pops are so cute and easy to make.  i've been wanting to try them forever.  super pleased with them.

PS- are you watching the grammys??  i am loving them this year!!!  adele rocks.  taylor swift is perfection.  and blake shelton and miranda lambert are the cutest couple ever.  just had to add that.  in my next life, i want to be a famous country star.