the campas

the campas

Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011. a year in review.

happy (almost) 2012!!! wait....what??  how is it the start of another new year already??  2012 has been forever engraved into my mind as an "important" one, and i am sure it will not disappoint.  i mean, i am graduating, after all.  but with all my focus on making it to 2012, i sort of never even thought that 2011 would matter to me at all.  i sort of almost forgot it even existed.  and yet, silly me, it just so happens that this has been the best, busiest, and brightest year to date!! SERIOUSLY.  

just a year ago, i was getting ready to ring in 2011 and saying PEACE OUT to 2010. i had absolutely NO idea i would be going to new york city for a semester to work at a sweet internship.  i had no idea megan, my best friend, was about to meet her husband and get married.  i had no idea that i would work next to jay leno in los angeles for an LA news station.  i didn't know i'd make a new BFFL, and then she'd ditch me to serve an amazing mission in september.  and, i really had no idea who the heck brian campa was.  well people, clearly, many important things have happened during this year.  and i think the best way to commemorate this psycho year of joy is through pic-tas!!!  enjoy 'em. 


discovered my love for byu basketball.  it had a little something to do with THE jimmer.  bandwagon fan?  don't even judge!  i am a true fan now.  definitely went to all the games this winter.
 said byee to biiicky.  :(  she dropped me off at school, went skiing, and then left me to go have a fabulous D.C. life.  jealous.


went home to vegas to see little sister lizzie steal the high school musical.  it was ahhh-mazing.

anddd enter brian campa into my life.  YAY!  yup, this is valentines day.  and probably our first attempt at a "couple" photo.  sort of awkward, in a charming way.

 "the social event of the year" with my broadcast loves and professors to SLC.  i love my major.  


visiting aunts, uncles, and cute cousins galore in park city!  i love my family.

JB obsession begins.  justin bieber forever changed my life, and taught me to never say never.  maybe i jammed that song on my first day of work in NYC this summer.  yup, definitely did that.  
(notice my red hair.  mid college crises.  i still have no explanation).

when yogurtland opened in quality of life drastically improved.  i love that place and their delicious frozen treats.  


ohhh daniellers and brother curtis!  my news room BFFLS!  (best friends for life).  TOTES!  this is at the end of my producing class.  fun class, but i learned i should stick to reporting.  not producing.  too much pressure.

biiicky returns to provo to graduate!  so many hours of sitting in the marriott center.  i don't want to put my family through that misery again in april...but....i am.  sorry guys!


after many hours of contemplation and sheer luck, i somehow found myself  in NYC in the heart of the most popular news station in the big apple.  i met some crazy sex offenders, went to plenty of baseball games, almost died living in harlem about 10 times.  oh, and i realized i love NY1 and i really love the big city.

dad came to see me off.  best dad ever!

i discovered the joys of magnolia's bakery and their yummy banana pudding.  i probably gained a million pounds because of it, but it was a great place to have my birthday party with my broadcast loves!  i turned 21 with the coolest people in NYC.

D.C. is actually not TOO far from NYC, so becky came down twice!  it was awesome, especially since we stayed in aunt kirsten's swanky penthouse.  this is her rooftop, NBD.

as if my sister coming wasn't enough, brian came to see me too!!  it was the best, rainiest, and most touristy weekend ever.  and i loved every second of it.

i got to visit the nation's capitol to see becky.  we went to the memorial day concert at the capitol building.  and did i cry??  oh, soooo much.


june kept me busy at NY1.  mostly at the courthouses of NYC, which i didn't mind at all.  especially with DSK to keep me company.

another trip to DC to see the sister and the sights.  it was blazing HOT.  curse you, humidity.

dream come true to report on the TONY awards!  i was on the red carpet brushing shoulders with all the cool celebs of broadway.  i was on CBS and the big screen at Times Square, too.  and i felt cool.


from coast to coast.  i left NYC and landed in huntington beach/ LA to stay with my aunt and uncle and to intern with KNBC LA as an investigative producer.  daniellers and brian were there to greet me when i got to CA.  we drove a boat and ate mexican food.  #bestdayever

the 5 hayes' were all together again for the 4th of july in HB!  a weekend of festivities and fireworks.  i love the beach!

i felt lucky i got to be there when cousin phil got home from his mission.  it was an experience i will always remember, especially since i don't have any brothers to greet.  and the fact that my freshman buddy, doug, got home with him was a bonus treat!

i loved my internship!  in the heart of all the movie-making action of LA, it was certainly an authentic california experience. 

 leslie came to see me!  we went to the big time rush concert, the fair, the beach, and all over HB.  it was summery happiness.

how could i not mention harry potter!?  the midnight premier was epic, especially when you are dressed as rita skeeter and sitting next to mrs. figg.

 megan got married!!!  i was the maid of honor and was honored to do so with my best friend forever.  i love her and reese.  it was a blissful day of eternal marriage joy!!

i bid summer farewell in the sierra mountains in our pop-up with the family, tiny chipmunks, and big bears.  


sister danielle ycmat apparently thinks that the eternal salvation of the Philippine people is more important than our friendship.  and i guess i agree,  even though i miss her oh so much.  this was taken at her farewell.

brian and i got super fit and hiked stewart falls.  it was glorious!

my roomies for my last year at BYU!  we enjoyed many football games together.  and wayyy too many cougar tails.  nom.  it works!

i reported for eleven news again, and got to interview NBA rookies for one of my stories.  i love being a reporter!


the fam came to provo to see meeee!  and each other, too.  lizzie was there, do not fret.  but she was anti-photos the whole time.  boo.

 brian and i became senior missionaries for a night to spread the good word for a halloween party.  i think we were pretty convincing!


i ran a half marathon!  (dressed as a cat).  although it happened at the end of october, i am putting it in the november section because i spent half of november being sore/recovering from it. 

i went home to film a sweet story on a heavy equipment playground!  it was fun, and my dad helped me film!  he has many talents, and would be a fine journalist in my opinion.

the campas came to SLC to cheer on the bruins!  it poured snow, but was still fun!  

thanksgiving break!  we all went to HB.  i was happy to escape the cold and greet my old friend, mr. sun.


festive was the key word around our apartment this christmas season, and we started our super festive month by making sugar cookies!  

winter break in vegas with the family.  yup, we are sporting festive christmas sweaters.  and we are loving it.  thanks, grandma.

2011, what a year!  i will never forget it.  i learned a lot.  now, after this whirlwind of a year, all i can say is: BRING IT ON 2012!! ###

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

town square.

before christmas, i went with my GVHS gator buddies Carly Richardson and Kevin Johnson (aka KJ) to town square to enjoy an evening of snow fall (aka bubble mixture) and pure raw talent (aka skanky 15 year olds singing christmas songs in skanky red dresses).  best moment of the evening was when one of those skanky girls was on stage and fell in love with kevin and kept pointing to him and winking at him while she was singing.  i was ROFL-ing big time.   she was clearly in love with him.  and to send a message, he wanted me to pretend to be his girlfriend or something like that, but we were just NOT convincing with my arm halfway around him and looking uncomfortable.   it was....awkward.  #friendsfortoolong

i love my high school friends.  i have like 5 people left i am actually still friends with from high school.  haha.  whoops.  but carly and kevin are most def on that short list.  and i guess kevin is now both a high school AND college friend.  which is pretty cool, too, i think.  ###

Monday, December 26, 2011

images of christmas.

merry day-after-christmas!!!  i hope that everyone had a merry, jolly, and, most importantly, FESTIVE christmas.  my christmas this year was the best eva!!  i say that every year...but it is true every year.  so i'll just keep saying it. 

 here is an overload of pictures from christmas eve at grandma's, christmas breakfast at aunt heidi's, and christmas dinner at my house.  so many pictures.  sorry i'm not sorry. ###

 mary and joseph, aka, kinsey and jack.  
 the baby jesus was a cinderella doll.  #improvising.
 i was the star shining bright.  can't you tell??
 uncle bob reading the night before christmas.

 christmas morning MADNESS.
 breakfast with uncle bob!!  we love him.

 ready for church.
 all the hayes family at christmas dinner.
 and the matkins at dinner.

 my centerpieces i made.  thanks pinterest.
 becky's green and red, 6 layer, egg nog cake.  MMMM.

 i excel at giving my cousins amazing gifts.  like ziploc bags and coal.

 anddd alex stole my camera.  blehhh barf.