the campas

the campas

Monday, October 31, 2011


"way out in the land of the setting sun where the wind blows wild and free..there's a lovely spot, just the only one that means home sweet home to me.  if you follow the ole' kit carson trail...till the desert meets the hills, oh you certainly will agree with me it's the place of a thousand thrills.  home means nevada, home means the hills, home means the sage and the pines....."

our state song sung by nevadan/mormon brandon flowers.

conversation with my mother today as i called her on my walk home:

Mom: Happy Nevada Day!  Have you been singing "home means nevada" all day?
Anna:  You know it!  Have you?
Mom: ....of course......

today is nevada day!! forget halloween...the real cause for celebration on october 31st is nevada day.  

it's the reason i never had to go to school on halloween as a child, and the reason that i know "home means nevada" like the back of my hand!  (yes, i did sing it all day.  starting in the shower, walking to campus, during my classes, and now writing this post).  

this year i got a nevada day package from my parents. too bad there is no nevada day gear or gifts.  halloween stuff will have to do.....

if there is one thing i love about nevadans it is our state pride.  we love our state and we love nevada day!  my dear friend mccall even threw a hoppin' nevada day party this year...complete with nevada treats and charades!  (sooo hilarious watching people try acting out glen lerner, spaghetti bowl, and wet n' wild...all terms only true nevadans will know).  

even the biebs loves nevada.

 trying to make the shape of nevada.  fail.

so wear your silver and blue...dress up like a big horn sheep...or go gambling.... because it's the day to celebrate nevada.  happy nevada day. ###

royal wedding part two

yet another reason i want to be a TODAY show host.  halloween.  this is priceless:

Sunday, October 30, 2011

senior missionaries.

brian and i dressed up as senior missionaries last night for a halloween party.....

...and i actually think brian looks really great with gray hair!!  fun fact.  me, not so much.  especially since i didn't get all of it out last night and had some gray streaks today at church.  #awkward.

halloween success, i would say.  and...."do you mind if we leave you with a short message??...." ###

Saturday, October 29, 2011

provo halloween half marathon

i don't know how people do marathons....because i just ran a half marathon and i actually feel like i might die.  i am so sore.  however, my time was better than expected so i feel good about that.  but legs were so jello-ish at the end i had to sit down before i fell over!!

still...feels pretty good to say i have done a half marathon.  i have never in my life ran 13 miles...i guess i have gotten close, but i've never done 13.1 consecutive miles.  since i am now a half marathon expert of sorts....(jk)....i will outline the evolution of a half marathon and how you feel as you run it:

mile 1: that first mile went so fast!  i have so much energy.  this is going to be easy.
mile 2: man...i am speeding by everyone.  i might get first place in this thing.
mile 3: should definitely do a half marathon every single weekend.  
mile  4: my legs sort of hurt...but i'm still going fast so i'm not too worried.
mile  5: is that just the mile 5 sign??  i actually feel like it should have been the mile 10 sign. dang it.
mile 6: half-way-ish done.  depressing.  why am i slowing down??
mile  7: cramp!  cramp!  cramp!  must not stop...people will judge me.
mile  8: forget that judging stuff.  i am stopping.  i don't want to die right now.
mile  9: ok my cramp is gone but i can't feel my legs. ...why did that old lady just pass me??  
mile 10: lots of senior citizens are passing me.  maybe i shouldn't have gone so fast on mile 1....
mile  11: I AM GOING TO DIE!  call 911.  i am not going to make it.
mile 12:  i am currently regretting signing up for this thing and am calling on every God i can think of to pull me through.
mile 13:  ok...the finish line is close by....i am going to start seeing people i know cheering.  put on a smile and act like this was the easiest thing ever even though i feel like death has come upon me.

and then....when it's forget all that bad stuff and remember that you did a half marathon.  the sore muscles are worth it.  it was a great experience and running from aspen grove to the riverwood shops is beautiful!!!  so much fall beauty in the canyon right now.

thanks to my purrrrfect running partner and roommie...leslie.  she also did awesome.  meow. ###

Thursday, October 27, 2011

pictures from a picture perfect week.

this past week has been so busy.  i know, i know, i always say that.  but it is true!  just when i think that there are not possible enough hours in a day to get everything i need to done, it somehow happens.

this past week was filled with LOTS of filming for my news stories.  as an advanced reporting class for ElevenNewsi have to do a big news story every two weeks.  i thought that this would be easier than our 24 hour stories we normally do.  but, as usual, i was quite wrong.  it's ok though...because i am really enjoying having 2 weeks to work with a story to get it as perfect as it can be. is ridiculous that i have gathered 4 hours of footage for a story that will end up being about 3 minutes.

sooo on that same subject...i helped my dear friend Chelsey film her feature story.  we went out to tooele county to a haunted graveyard (so spooky).  it was scary slash hilarious.  i am pretty sure that there were actual ghosts at this place.  

anyways....MORE PICTURES!  last weekend started with the awful waffle (which was out of waffles...hmmm) and large cokes.  what better way to start a weekend!?

the welsh family came into town and we were festive as can be with our pumpkin carving and farm pictures!!  and a trip to cafe rio.  nom nom nom.
we placed mally in the bucket.  he was not a happy camper.  silly dog.
(real freaky is that?)
cousin larson!!  NV's newest lawyer.

michael & staley and brian & i enjoyed a great evening of reeeed robin (yummmm). then we went to see footloose..which staley and i LOVED and the boys hated.  whatevs.  also, staley and i matched.  which is normal....however, we matched in the same way that we did two years ago as sophomore roommates.  what makes it even more hilarious is that we went to the freshman ward reunion as twiners.  typical.  here are pictures from twin day 2009 and twin day 2011:
and then these two clowns made fun of us.  can they not?
the willy wonka candy machine was probs the highlight of the evening....

brian and i mayyyy or may not have ditched a small portion of church to see all the pretty leaves on campus.  ok...we definitely did.  but it was worth it.  such a pretty day. and i love when campus is deserted and quiet.  

the leaves up by chantal's house were also prettttty pretty.

happy birthday baca!!!  we had a great birthday celebration with everyone.  also, my cousin's poses in this picture are hilarious.  and describe each of them perfectly.

speaking of birthdays...i got to celebrate ms. chelsey tobar's 21st birthday with her at a yummy japanese dinner!!  mmm.  

and there you have it.  a wondrous weekend and week!  this weekend might not be as wondrous, due to the fact that leslie and i are running a HALF MARATHON.  what are we thinking??  answer:  we are not thinking.  we might die.  seriously.  so be really nice to me for the next few days just in case.  no but seriously, it is happening and i will of course document it with pictures asap.  ###

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

go away stats.

i want my stats test to be over. (which it will be tomorrow)....and if you are one of the 2000 BYU students taking stats right now and you are reading this, you know it is the late day tomorrow.  but quit judging me right now.  as i always say:
i'd rather pay for an A...
than get a free C....
 so i am going to use my stats knowledge and skills to say that approximately 2,000 / 30,000 BYU students have had to stress out about this test all week.  that is 6.67% of all students at BYU.  yes...i paid attention when we learned about probabilities.  be impressed.  i am 100% sure that i have been the most stressed out.  yup....100% positive.

anyways...this test..... is totes dominating my week and my life and stressing me out big time and i am quite over it.  srsly.  ###

Sunday, October 16, 2011

a great weekend.

this weekend was a great weekend.  

i just got back from an amazing fireside, given by President stake president from two years ago and again this year.  it was very powerful.  the subject was dating, but he covered a lot of different areas.  and played this amazing video:

best part: when they are talking about how families/marriage has to be forever.  i agree.  it HAS to be, and i would be so depressed if it wasn't!  also: t love elder scott. SO MUCH.  fun fact.

i don't have enough energy/time to post a lot of pictures.  could my professors not ALL give exams the same week???  could they not?

 but i'm over it.  sort of. and here is my favorite picture from this weekend's Y hike.  always surprisingly hard.  always surprisingly worth it. ###

Friday, October 14, 2011

brandon flowers im a mormon

just when i thought brandon flowers couldn't get any cooler...

he did.

#heissocool and he is a mormon.  i love this video and i love the killers. 
 thanks for helping to spread the true gospel of jesus christ, brandon flowers.

things brandon loves:
-being mormon
-las vegas

things anna loves:
-being mormon
-las vegas

hence my fav. song by brandon:
home sweet home.  las vegas.  listen to this song to mentally prepare for nevada day, which is fast approaching.  ###

Thursday, October 13, 2011

song of the day.

good work adele.  
as usual. 
i like this song...a lot today...for some reason.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

feeling fall-ish

if i had time and/or money i would go shopping and buy all these lovely autumn outfits i want badly...  
covet with me, please. ###

the colors are great.  because yellow+turquoise=great.
Pinned Image

i love these glasses with the dress.  
Pinned Image

i basically love ANYTHING with sparkles.  this skirt is a smidge too short but i am still loving it.
Pinned Image

so many things to love here.  glasses, stripped shirt, belt, modest long skirt.  yes.
Pinned Image

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

things that make me happy on a cloudy tuesday.

i love my mom for many different reasons...but maybe the biggest reason as of late is that i asked her to bring up any random food in the cupboards at our house from Trader Joe's for her visit this weekend.  you see, i love that place, and Utah lacks a TJ's.  :(
so...because my mom is awesome....she not only scoured the cupboards, but went out and bought me all my favorites from the happy land of TJ's..which has been sustaining me ever since.  isn't she the best!?  

other happy things: reesa.  old roommie and lifelong friend.  thank goodness for steve jobs and FaceTime!  i always have time to see reesa's face, and it was good to hear about her life in washington.  clearly she makes me laugh.

last happy thing of the day: while i interned at NBCLA i helped to write, produce, edit, and shoot a piece about the "grandma scam" that came to be after my dear friend and fellow intern's grandma experienced the scam.  our boss went to china randomly, so it just barely aired, all over southern california...but i have to say it was worth the wait!  i am quite proud of that thing.  if you wanna watch it, click HERE. 

that mysterious and sketchy mouth of the's me.  i hope i rot too.  also, the dramatic and lovely pictures of ms. alex were taken by me.  and it was hilarious trying to make that work.  we were across the street at the "tonight show park," who even knew there was such a thing.  i thought we might see jay leno out power walking or something, but no such luck.  it was an ugly park with some sort of a sewer stream which we managed to make look like a wild creek for alex to dramatically pose by.  of all those pictures, this is the clear winner:

hahahah i miss that girl.  happy tuesday! ###

Sunday, October 9, 2011

fastest weekend of my life.

well that was a swift weekend.  and i sort of never wanted it to end, so it is depressing that it is over now and 4 hayes's are on their way back to las vegas and i am sitting here in provo.


BUT, this weekend srrrsly rocked.  my family is hilarious.  even though it was freezing/wet we had an ahhh-some time.  we saw the family in SLC, enjoyed some of provo's finest dining options, went to the football game (go cougars!), and saw the leaves changing in provo canyon today.

thanks for coming to see me, family, it makes me sooo happy.  i <3 you. ###


Thursday, October 6, 2011


my family gets here TOMORROW!

Biicky from DC.

mom, dad, and lizzie bizzie from the good ole' 89120.  (las vegas).....

i have been excited ALL WEEK.

it has been etched in my heart....ect.

i want class to go by super duper fast so i can drive to the SLC airport to fetch becky.

we had all these fun amazingly fall outdoorsy things planned...and then it SNOWED today.  i kid you not.  i was sososso SOOOO cold.  all day.  this is the earliest snow i have seen here in utah.  could it not??  it is not even halloween time yet.  (bah humbug).  but i don't care.  i am still excited.  clearly.   ###

last time we were ALL together: july 4th: 

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Steve Jobs.

In January of 2008...I waited outside a convention center in San Francisco with my dad at Macworld.  My dad went every year, and I was SO excited when he told me that he was going to take me as a senior year treat.  I got permission to miss musical rehearsal...but no one understood how epic it was that I was going to MACWORLD.  Maybe now they realize it.....

I heard that Steve Jobs passed away today and I was truly sad.  Truly sad because he has changed the world...and MY world.  I am an iPhone owner, a Macbook lover, an iPod loser, Pixar fan, an iPhoto fanatic, an iPad covet-er, a Final Cut learner, an iTunes obsesser, and a member of a family that has been a fan of Apple since 1984.  I remember our huuuge gray family computer with the rainbow apple at the corner.  I remember our purple Mac we had.  I loved the color.  And now we have about three Mac computers in our house.  I remember getting my Macbook for my high school graduation.  #happiestdayever.

that sign was huge, but the computer was tiny.
 getting my new lap top.

one of our many family outings to the Mac store.
...when I saw Steve Jobs in 2008 I remember thinking how skinny he looked..drowning in his black turtle neck.  He was sick, so I am happy he can rest in peace.  But I am sad we have lost such a great man.  One who has changed the world for the better.  RIP Steve Jobs.  ###