the campas

the campas

Monday, January 31, 2011

beach day ski day jazz day

i went skiing friday with my dear friends reesa, matt butters, and arrin.

twas so fun. anddd HOT! it felt like we were at the beach, not at sundance. which made me a happy lady. cause i love being hot. very much.

i love skiing. and i want to go everyday. but alas, i have to go to class everyday instead of going skiing. it is sad. but true. maybe i can go again this friday to get my weekly fix.

they have these awesome sunbathing chairs at the top of the back mountain. arrin and matt and i sat in them for a long while...contemplating life and such. it was hot. and i got a sunburn. oopsie.

memories are made on the lift.

as if that isn't already a perfect day...brian took me to a jazz game later that night! heyo! i happen to really like the jazz. and watching basketball. i feel like i am doing a lot of that lately. i thought it was a kind gesture of him to take me. and the reason i have no pictures of anything except the iPhone photos i snap is because i lost my camera. and it makes me so depressed to think that i lost it that i refuse to come to terms with that and get a new one. so i just have a bunch of mediocre pictures. sorrys.

look at where our seats were. dang.

we contemplated why this thing is their mascot. there are no bears in utah. we think he looks more like CHEWBACCA than a bear. but it sure was a fun game. i wore a junior jazz jersey. had to support. i looked like a 12 year old. it was a fun night.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

B-Ball Gamey

did you hear???

we beat the previously undeafeated san diego aztecs.
thank you, jimmer. 'ppreciate ya.

it was TOTES worth the 2 hour freezing wait outside the marriott center and the 2 hour wait inside the marriott center. never ever have leslie and i ever been so into a game. it was almost embarassing. but not really.

the waitttt

sad to be cold, and then happy to be warm inside.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

green wristband madness

tomorrow is the byu vs. san diego men's basketball game.

which is, apparently, the biggest thing that has happened to BYU since they started letting women wear pants.

it's a huge deal. so, for some odd reason, cosmo the cougar or whoever is in charge of tickets decided that students, even if they have an all sports pass, needed to stand in line to get a bright green wrist band to be admitted to the game.

this is, of course, the kind of news story that KBYU Channel 11 LOVES. so me and my sidekick danielle...being our producer selves...accompanied one of our new reporters to do a live shot from the marriott.

oh em gee. it was soooooo funny! crazy people camped out all night and waited in the freezing snow storm to get a ticket! gahhhh. i loved it. i took pictures...of course. partake of the madness:

sooo many people.
<span class=

it was snowing. and we look....pretty?
<span class=

yeee broadcasting friends!!
<span class=

inside the police barricade. power of the press.
<span class=

love her.
<span class=

it was hilarious to get to stand at the front of the line where they let people in and see all these random friends of mine running of looking cold and homeless to get their wristband. good times.

ok so i was pretty much sure they would run out of wristbands in like 2 minutes. nopeee. i drove over there at 3 and they still had so many. and there was no line.

so i am happy i didn't camp out.
cause i am still going to the game.
but they put this wristband on sooo loose i could seriously give it to whoever i want.
but i won't.
because i am HONEST.
and that is against the honor code. which i signed.

but major props for those who DID camp out.

go cougars.

Monday, January 24, 2011

dinner with susan

tonight leslie and i made a japanese feast!! we had our dear london english professor, susan, over for dinner. we used to eat dinner with her every single night. (i always ate at the professor's table in london because leslie was there slash there was way more food and comfy seats).

anyways, for christmas, my amazing sister becky got me a wagamama cookbook! wagamama is a fine dining establishment we frequented in london. susan also loves wagamama, so this was the perfect reason to have her over to our humble abode.

it was a classy evening, to be sure. susan brought us flowers and fancy pear beverages. leslie made edamame and spring rolls. and the yaki soba was so good. like surprisingly good. leslie and i ventured far and wide for the random asian ingredients. like 1 teaspoon of some random type of soy sauce we had to buy at the oriental market of provo. (sketch sketch and wonderful). now we have this massive tub of soy sauce in our fridge. joy.

so dinner was great. we were happy we got to chat with susan. leslie and i are in her creative writing class this semester, and it is so great. we get to read poems. and we get to write lots of poems. i am planning a blog post where i will display some of my finest work. ROFL. ok well i slept about 4 hours last night and have been going non-stop all day so i need to wrap this up before it becomes embarrassing.

OH BUTTTT funny story before i slumber. today, i got to try being a weather girl for the first time ever. it was hilarious, to say the least. i introduced the satellite moisture map as a "humidity map." and all i could predict was a large ball of yellow clouds coming over colorado. it made no sense. and it was so great that i am glad we taped it on DVD. i am tempted to post it onto youtube so that the world can see how bad it was.

anyways. nighty night bloggers.

Friday, January 21, 2011

serving others makes me happy

this morning, my friend matt butters texted me and told me that i should go to the pool at the R.B. with him and participate in "adaptive aquatics." this is where you are assigned a special needs child and swim around the pool with them for an hour.

i almost said no. well...i did say no at first. i had to study at the library on my day off of school.

and then i started to think about it. i have been given so much in my life. it's basically unfair. i can give back. i know i need to serve more. so i went.

and i am sooo happy that i did. imagine a pool full of about 60 special needs kids and a bunch of BYU kids. it is chaotic, loud, and oh so much fun. my child was named sterling, and he was a fireball of energy!! he made me be a "mororcycle boat," a shark, a turtle, and forced me to beat every kid in each race we had in the pool. i was exhausted and so happy the whole time. it made me happy all day. i sort of miss my buddy sterling.

There is an eternal principle that we are happier and more fulfilled when we act and serve for what we give, not for what we get. Our Savior teaches us to follow Him by making the sacrifices necessary to lose ourselves in unselfish service to others. If we do, He promises us eternal life, “the greatest of all the gifts of God”), the glory and joy of living in the presence of God the Father and His Son, Jesus Christ.

-Dallin H. Oaks

Thursday, January 20, 2011

today was a great day.


because i didn't have class until 1. did i tell all you blogger people that i am interning this semester at the lovely "classical89?" cause i am. and i can't wait. i start bright and very early next thursday!! hence i had no class this morning. rumor is....i will actually be on the air...which will be hilarious cause i know relatively little of radio and of classical music. apparently we have 10,000 listeners. ooops. L-O-L. tune in. i had a lazy morning of homework with my beautiful bunkmate LPM. (leslie). and then i had plenty of broadcast classes. i am so spoiled that my classes are so fun. media classes/broadcast classes/writing classes are all so interesting and interactive that i sometimes feel like i am just hanging out with my friends and professors while discussing cool things rather then being in class. it's pretty epic. i don't know how i got to be so lucky.

then i planned my life and future with my BBFL Megan Reed. love that girl. always have an always will! we have been best friends since...honestly....i can't remember. proof:
and that is not even the oldest one. i just couldn't bear to look at how bad i looked before this stage. seriously...what was i thinking with the bobcats shirt?? i wore it everyday and loved it. and i guess white pants with a tucked in shirt were all the rage at thurman white middle school? ughh.
one time i asked my mom why she let me out of the house looking so hideous. i was expecting an answer like:
"you weren't ugly anna you were sooo cute!!"
but no. this is what she said:
"i don't know. you thought you looked good so i didn't want to say anything."

really natasha?? ughh FAIL. but i love my mother still.

anyways so we had a life planning session that was much needed and very refreshing. we document the occasion:
how we felt about our futures before the planning session:
how we feel about it NOW!:

and then after that, i met up with my london loves alyssa, sarah, and reesa to go see the BYU production of PETER PAN! which was AMAZING! i was blown away! the cast was talented, the set was deluxe, and the company was outstanding. whenever i get together with my london friends i always act ridiculous and laugh way too much. it's because we had the happiest 4 months of our lives together and love to act like we are still in charming london instead of provo. honestly, tonight seeing the musical with them made me feel like i was back in london. and i felt like we should have gotten onto the tube and taken it straight back to the queensway stop instead of driving back to my apartment. **sighhh**.


but today was a good day. i am happy =). and i have a great weekend planned out. full of social activity!! shocking!!! this never happens. take a picture. i definitely will be doing that.


Wednesday, January 19, 2011

i'm sick. bring me food. or presents.

these past two days have been warmer than the past two weeks.
and all (ok...most) of the snow melted away.
and i have been HAPPY.
noticeably more happy.
i am not dumb. i realized that there had to be some sort of a correlation.
so i searched on wikipedia....source of ALL my vast knowledge about this crazy world.
and i discovered i have SAD.
no...i am not SAD...i have SAD.
don't be confused.
read this:

Seasonal affective disorder
(SAD), also known as winter depression or winter blues, is a mood disorder in which people who have normalmental health throughout most of the year, experience depressive symptoms in the winter or, less frequently, in the summer,[1] spring or autumn, repeatedly, year after year.

that is straight from wikipedia. and so it MUST be true.
although it says you have to have normal mental health throughout most of the year.
and i don't know if i do. i am sort of crazy.
i am so much happier with sun and no snow.
what can i say..i am a vegas girl.
and a beach girl.
and a sun girl
meaning i will be residing in a warm place after i escape this place called p-r-o-v-o.
i love provo. but it is chilly. reallllly chillllly.
i just looked at a bunch of huntington pictures from the summer.

i love summer. but i also love byu. so i am very happy to be here.
i am just a little cold.
that is all.
if this post makes no sense it is because i slept 3 hours last night.
and might be getting sick.
(not SAD...cold sick)
ok bye!


Monday, January 17, 2011

ways to be anti-social

leslie and i made an epic discovery this weekend. there are 12 good ways to be anti-social on a 4-day weekend. (i don't have friday classes. heyo). we are pioneers of accomplishing a lot with talking to as few people as possible.

1. spend friday doing homework all day with a trip to 2 malls by yourself.
2. sleep in till 11 on saturday (ooopsies).
3. spend the whole morning doing homework on your bed with your roommate
4. go see "country strong" with just your roommate
5. come home and attend a party that is occurring across the hall from you...and stay only for 5 minutes
6. spend over an hour re-living middle school music memories. highlights include dancing to: a-teens, aaron carter, steps, n'sync, jesse mccartney, avril lavigne, and britney spears.
7. decide to watch "dear john" on a saturday night...with just your roommate
8. decide right before the movie that popsicles are ABSOLUTELY necessary for maximum enjoyment during the movie
9. go to the smiths with your roommate and get not 1....not 2.....but 3 boxes of popsicles. and eat one of each that night

9. go to a different ward for a farewell of a london friend on sunday...just to ensure your ward-mates who are already wondering if you are alive that you are in fact, inactive from the ward... ooops
10. skip ward prayer to watch the final hannah montana episode with your roommate while enjoying grilled cheese and tomato soup
11. go to kneaders for endless french toast with your roommate, not on a date, but mostly to enjoy all the other awkward dates happening at that time. it was WAY too crowded
12. spend the MLK holiday doing homework....and singing the armed forces medly (for some odd reason)

do i care that basically the only person i talked to this weekend was leslie??? no. not at all. here's to an anti-social and still fun semester!

**side-note** i dramatized the anti-social-ness of leslie and i. we really DO have friends...i promise............i will post pictures for proof soon =)

Saturday, January 15, 2011

las vegas+killers+christmas=WOW

ok so i just stole this magical video from my blog icon friend, ahlin's, blog. she is a killers expert....and i love the killers because they represent a famous awesome mormon from las vegas. something i am aspiring to be one day :)

this video is christmas-like...and it isn't christmas...but i don't care. it is magical. watch it. i know every single place they filmed every single scene of this. because i know my vegas. and i love it. take me homeeee brandon flowers.

something i love.


(with my roommates).

also. i am feeling particulary spiritual today. at EFY, we were told to relate everything to the gospel. and in honor of the sabbath tomorrow.....i will relate this sport that i love so much to the gospel. i stumbled upon this little gem last night and watched it and really liked it. enjoy it, and then go skiing within the boundaries.

Friday, January 14, 2011

merry christmas from a procrastinating blogger!

i have mentioned this previously...but i had the most sparkling, tropical, festive, loud, warm, fabulous, and happy christmas break. i did so much. i was going to blog in detail about it....but.....i think that would make my brain explode. so i will let the few pictures i snapped do the talking. with commentary by yours truly. since i blogged about pre-christmas day already...i will pick up with christmas day. eee!!!


finding what santa brought us. i got FINAL BUT PRO!! for making news stories. this is the program that mac came out with, and most studios use. 500 days of summer was made using this program. pretty cool right??

i also got this bad boy:

then we went to grandma's and had a yummy breakfast and partook of her decor.



the rest of the day was spend preapring for the large feast at our house. we had the theme of "classy christmas" this year. success=this photo.

my bosom cousin eliza.


grandma and grandpa. i love them =)

heidi and lizzie look alike...

liza and i were drunk on christmas cheer. my mom has these dessert plates with reigndeer on them. of course liza and i randomly choose the 2 alcholic reigndeer.

i made a christmas arrangement:

then we went to HUNTINGTON BEACH...aka my favorite place ever.

it was warm.

ok funniest thing ever. HB was advertising their ice skating rink. so, naturally, we had to go check it out. basically is was a bunch of plastic squares lined up. and no one looked like they were ice skating. cause there was no ice. ICE SKATING FAIL. we were cracking up.

i went to my favorite rich-people mall. where i always stick out like a sore thumb.

we went to the getty villa, a roman style little museum tucked away in the hills of malibu. it is SO charming. i just love it there, it's one of our favorite places in california.

i had italy flashbacks when my parents got us all audio guides. bahhhh.

we are seriously so cultured. hah.

then we explored santa monica by going shopping, being warm, and wandering the world famous pier there. lizzie found a new friend:

sisters <3

we went to the famous randy's donuts!! it was so fun. my mother LOVES donuts. we bought like 20 and they messed up half out order but we didn't even care. we were just excited to be there, and i can't believe it took us so long to visit it!

my dad went to the hardware store like a million times for some reason. we found pillow pets during one of those visits. i want one for my birthday.

we had a bluthe banana. can't have a california trip without a frozen banana!

this is the last meat item i had: a fish taco from wahoo's.

definition of the vacation: PUZZLES! we are addicted. this one took us like 2 days. hah

and OF COURSE we went to staley's reception! which was lovely. but i want to do a seperate blog post about that. i have too many pictures. so for now: here is a preview:

this was taken on one of my bike rides:

for new years eve...we decided to START and FINISH a 1,000 piece puzzle. WHYYY!? it was so intense. and we did it. please partake of the craziness that defined the end of 2010.

happy 2011. love, this hideous photo. don't judge.

haha i have the most epic of all families.

beautiful morning.

i ran 20 miles during the week! yea!!

wow. talk about photo overload. it was a great trip. i can't wait to blog more about the reception. also...this beach talk makes me miss california and las vegas. it is SO COLD here. i can't leave my apartment because i am afraid i will slip and fall and die and then no one will notice and i will freeze on the side of the road with no one caring. can it be spring already!?!