the campas

the campas

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

i am in love with many different men......

this is what my face has looked like for the last 23 minutes:
because there are many attractive men in the world. and i don't know why men at BYU do not look like the men featured in InStyle Magazine's Men of Style Issue. Which i DEFINITELY should not be looking at. it is depressing me. they are all very blessed with good looks. my mom always says: "looks do not matter. brains matter." thank you mother for those words of wisdom...however...i think i disagree. because if anyone who looked like these men showed interest in me then i would not care what they got on the ACT, SAT, LSAT, MCAT, GRE, or whatever-other-hard-test-acronym you can think of.


just go with me on this first one. i love michael bluthe and would certainly marry him. old-man-attractive.
team taylor. woof woof.

nice outfit.

he is in every great movie. enchanted, hairspray, notebook....james marsden. so amazing.
no shave november participant?
hey gerard, P.S. I love you. but seriously, i do.
puck from GLEE. so bad.
love zac efron. i am cuter than vanessa, zac, date MEEE!
he is dating t-swift. why!? he is asking for an evil hate song coming in her next album.
keepin it classy
of favorite...joseph jonas. but even i will admit this is a hideous and awkward photo. singing in the rain, joe?

Saturday, November 20, 2010

fly home 5 days early: check.

i am home in las vegas. i love being home. it is warm-ish, so fun, festive, and an all around great experience sleeping in my super duper uncomfortable bed that i slept on for 18 years of my life without realizing how uncomfortable it is when compared to other beds in my college apartments.

i have a huuuge law paper due monday. and i am going to finish it tonight. i am so happy that i am writing this paper here, because i feel like i am in high school again. doing homework in the dining room, getting distracted by our beautiful piano and all my fun music, being distracted by lizzie and glorious things on DVR and hannah montana episodes. it is really funny. high school anna: back in action.

i am sitting across from my mom and a giant poinsettia right now that is blocking us from being able to see each other. seriously, could she have found a larger poinsettia in all of nevada???? it's basically a tree. we should like hang ornaments and place garland on it and sing carols around it. all i can see is her hands. look:

she is typing emails. i can see her little fingers moving. she thinks i am typing my paper. but i am blogging. teee hehehheeh. thank you large slash festive festive poinsettia.

don't you love being home with your families also?? it is joy and happiness and fun. look how happy i am:

i just realized that is a semi-creepy photo of me. but, i am happy to be home. happy to (soon) be typing my law paper and having my 2 lawyer parents edit it and fix it and make it sound intelligent. life is goooood.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

i am going home to las vegas tomorrow. i have been looking forward to these 9.5 days at home for SO LONG. words cannot even express my excitement. i created a huuuge to-do list for lizzie and i. we are going to have so much fun. I LOVE MY HOME AND I LOVE MY FAMILY!! last year's break was fun:




this year could top it. viva las vegas.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


each tuesday at 2:30 i eat lunch with my freshman vegas girls. i love it. i miss them so much. and i miss freshman year!! i dont care if that sounds totally 100% lame. it was the best year of my LIFE. i just looked at all my old pictures, i was so crazy. seriously. look:
i am actually really surprised i am alive. i had a lot of near death experiences because of spontanaity. (i swore to my mom i would never go longboarding again because i ripped my hand open. oooops.) basically..I:
-never slept
-ate unhealthy vending machine food
-danced too much
-talked too much
-watched too much LOST
-had too much fun
-met too many fun people who made me do crazy things

i was so different back then. more fun. more spontaneous. probably because i wan't stressed about major life decisions or making adult decisions. sigh. i miss it, so much.

come back soon freshman boys. you are allllllll funny, and we miss you.

my favorite song.

this is my all time favorite song.

for a lot of reasons. it reminds me of someone. and it is beautiful. and i just listened to it 7 times. and the killers cover it. and they are from vegas. and i get to go home to that blessed place in 2.5 days.

Monday, November 15, 2010

I have been SICK since wednesday. now...i feel fine...and sound like a man. seriously. it's bad. i do not sound like anna hayes. but does the world of news care about that?? NO. so here is my story for KBYU this week: i sincerly apologize my voice is a bit "off." it is getting better. presents and gifts of love are always accepted. jk. but seriously.

when i watched it, i had a similar reaction to cat version of esme on the emperor's new groove....a great film. SO funny. skip to 35 seconds to partake.


Saturday, November 13, 2010

being a reporter.... fun.

but sometimes i seriously feel like THIS:

i love this reporter. virtual high-five to her. that guy is such a MORON.

Thursday, November 11, 2010






i have gone to every single harry potter movie at midnight. but not this year. and i am FINE with it. because i get to see it with my sisters. who i love more than i love midnight harry potter movies. and it is going to be epic. last years attire:


maybe we will top it this year. can't wait for thanksgiving.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

i wanna see this:


i have a bug.

yes that kind of a bug. sore throat.....tired...sickie feeling.

and i am sitting on my couch in mountainwood condominiums WISHING that although i have to study and get a lot of homework done that this was my view:

that is me studying in the BYU london centre.

i miss london SO much. it was the best time of my life, providing me with new best friends and amazing memories. i think about it ALL the time and could easily waste and entire day looking at old picture. i try to not let london define me and i try not to talk about it so much. but i would kill to be in that london centre right now studying instead of on my couch here in P-town. blahhhhh.

i wish i was still able to call my blog english muffin. dang it.
i wanna go back. NOW.

im living for next friday. i get to go home. if i can survive this yucky cold, the snow, the tests, the news stories, the stress, and all i have to do in the next week and a half i will be able to have the happiest thanksgiving of my life.

gotta get through this.

Monday, November 8, 2010


BASICALLY i am so happy right now because i did a live shot today. daily news always does live shots, but they have to be within 50 feet of the dear old brimhall, aka, home sweet home for us broadcasters. but they have a new way to streaming live from any location, and i decided to take on the challenge and do it. i was super scared it wouldn't work out...but it did! and what makes it even better is that i loved the story i was covering.

i got to go get a sneak peek at "carl bloch, the master's hand" exhibit at the byu museum of art. it was SO COOL. i chose this story because, back in february, me and leslie and arrin and laura and karalyn actually got to go to denmark and visit fredriksborg castle and SEE the bloch paintings up close and personal! it was a truly life changing and a great spiritual experience. it was so touched by these paintings and excited to see them in real life, and now to have some of these huge altar pieces on display here at dear old byu say the least.

here are some copenhagen memories:

Thursday, November 4, 2010


my friend gary made a film for BYU film school and asked me to be in it! it was a blast. i haven't done too much acting since high it was fun. and i got to be a damsel in distress! when we were filming, it was halloween, and everyone who passed us thought we were just dressing up. hilarious.

that same weekend my best friend from high school carly richardson came to visit me! we had a BLAST. i showed her that BYU isn't full of boring mormon people who do nothing but sit around and sing hymns. well....we do that....but we ALSO party. and party we did! it was so fun!

here are some pictures from halloween weekend. for my stake party, leslie and i were jonas brothers fanatics. (obv). everyone was joking that i forgot to dress up. har har har. but seriously....i didn't have to buy too much, basically i had all this jonas crap in my room. haha. we had signs, backstage passes, shirts, buttons, hair ties, bracelets, and face paint. so jonas-y.







thennnn for actual, i mean, mormon BYU halloween. i was SNOOKI. mainly cause i have dark skin and and can pouf my hair like nobody's business. no joke. and i love cheetah print so clearly i needed to be snooki. 2 problems:
1. i have never watched jersey shore.
2. no one knew i was snooki. they thought i was an 80's mexican. whatevs.
so here are more pictures!!! i wish you could see my lip liner and ed hardy shoes. oh well.
do i look like her?? don't answer that.