the campas

the campas

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

i am in provo!!

im in provo and i realized how much i missed it. just within 4 hours of being here i have:

-moved into a new ghetto fabulous apartment on STILTS. (earthuake=death)

-had a house call from my favorite BYU professor and his daughter, my roommate leslie-london-bunkmate.

-hiked the Y with 3 EFY friends, a new friend, and arrin my roommate

-visited ahlin, blog queen, and someone who lives in a nice apartment and read "dating for dummies"

-had karalyn and jake, 2 london friends, over to my apartment and had them inspect our mold situation

-currently awaiting a visit from even more EFY friends and a participant! now college student friend, yesss

oh wow i forgot how fun provo is. i love it. so much. come see me in my new apartment

Monday, August 23, 2010

byeee summer.

what a summer.
oh my gosh.

i am going back to BYU tomorrow. i have missed it with all my heart and soul. i haven't been there since the middle of december last year, which was a loooong time ago. london, denmark, paris, las vegas, huntington, texas, washington DC, and italy are all either more interesting, fun, prettier, or more historic than provo. but i love provo for some reason. it is where my school is, where my friends are, where my classes are, and where my life is starting tomorrow. i am living with my london girls, and could not be happier about it. i am excited beyond belief!!!

i love BYU so much, so much. clearly. it is the greatest place to go to school.

this is me after setting up my freshman dorm two years ago (wow), i clearly LOVED it. haha. i was super excited about college. this organization level lasted about 20 minutes.

this was taken at our opening ward social a few days after i arrived in provo. this is my dear instant bestie staley carter, she is getting married this december!! just got engaged. OH YEA! i love her, she has always been my BYU best friend and i am so excited she is getting married to the love of her life but also hate that it means i get less staley in my life. i am selfish. whatever.

ohhhh i almost forget. heyyyyyy, we got back from italy two days ago.
IT WAS SO FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i have no energy to even attempt to blog about it or try to describe how incredible it was. the quality hotels, the sites, the cities (rome, pompeii, florence, and venice),the FOOD, the gelato, the fun my sisters and i had, the quality family time, the hilarious stories, all the laughs. no energy.

the blog post dedicated to italy will come soon. good news is i have been effected by jet lag ZERO PERCENT. i have no idea why. blessing for sure. it is amazing. here is a small taste of the 392 pictures i came home with: I LOVE ITALIA!!!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


during our week in HB....i set a goal to run 25 miles in 7 days, cause i took sunday off. i colored in a box on a sheet of paper for each mile i ran.

i did it!!!!

and i am really proud. i am training for a 10k in september called the DIRTY DASH. it's a 6 mile race through mud. weeeeeh!!
check it out by clicking


huntington beach.

we've been at huntington beach. and when i say we i mean me and mom and lizzie and biiiicky who got home from DC on saturday!!! heyoooo reunion of the sisters!!

we decided that we love coming to huntington beach because:
-the weather is always always always perfect.
-we can relax and not feel guilty about it or like we are wasting our time.
-we get to spend time together on the beach and it rocks.

highlight of this week for me (sugar lover) has been the continuation of the hayes family cupcake-athon across america. we added two more fine establishments to our extensive cupcake visits. hah. sprinkles and susie cakes. both are mighty fine. i enjoy a good cupcake. i am getting into red velvet oddly enough, i have always just had chocolate. hmm.

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we also went to the famous sawdust festival in laguna beach. it was really pretty, but i am not into that crafty artsy stuff. my house is going to be a fail because i don't like tacky things. or putting tacky things on the wall. which is what the sawdust festival encourages. but we still had fun! i could live in laguna beach my whole life and be content. fact.

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we visited ruth and her family. i learned how to play a board game called "pay day." i lost. naturally. ben is a great teacher though.
the week we were there was the US Open of Surfing. always a highlight of the summer. lots of skanks, drunks, and surfing contests. it is way fun. lizzie won the US surf open dance contest. no joke. she is crazy.....and apparently a great dancer! she won this beverage guitar.
oh how i wish i had taped epic.

i won that awesome hat. not as cool as winning a dance contest. i waited on line at the big Nike booth and got the lucky card on some fake slot machine. it's cause i am from vegas. OH YAAA.

so many PEOPLE. go away.

i love the beach. i love it. so much.

lizzie and i made nests in the sand. effective and comfy.

HAHA fashion fail at the target. embarrassing.

balboaaahhhhhh island!!!!

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then becky arrived. YEA!! and before you know was our dear mother's birthday! she is the greatest mom ever, so we had the greatest day ever! me and lizzie pushed it by getting up at 6 to get donuts. i made her a mixed CD of all her favorite songs. PLEASE do not judge how i look in this picture, i had just run far and wide.

then we went kayaking. lizzie and i in a kayak=bad idea. we had many a fails. but it was fun. GO TEAM GIRL!!!
then we went to an angel's baseball game. thanks becky for the amazing seats. and they WON! miracles do happen, people.


Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Jonas LA

Jonas LA soundtrack is here. i literally cannot get over how incredible it is. i love jonas music and this soundtrack is summer-y perfectness that only kevin nick and joe can create!


i went through a phase of my life this summer where i decided i was going to get over those three boys. they take up so much of my time and emotions.

it lasted a week. HEYOOOO FOR EFFORT!!!!

soooo their TV show, jonas LA, is the epitome of dramatic disney goodness. it's like soap operas for babies. i have listened to this soundtrack like 59403 times and i can highly recommend it. oh PS nick jonas RAPS in one of the songs!! bah haha. just when you think you have seen it all.....something like this happens and then you want to jump in the ocean and drown yourself cause it's so funny. the song is called "your biggest fan" (CLICK on that if ya wanna partake of the hilarity.)

this is my most favored song on the album, called, "make it right," sung by joseph jonas himself. if i HAD a boyfriend or anything remotely close to that....then i would force him to sing this to me next to a pool.
but alas, that is not the case. pity party for anna. bring your party hat and small violins. youtube version will suffice for now thank you very much.

this show rocks! so does the music!!! toodles.

Friday, August 6, 2010


today, mom and lizzie and i went to go see an amazing film called "Flipped." it isn't out everywhere...but it IS out in california! i read the book a long time ago as a youngen, and i remembered loving it.

the film was better than the book. very very sweet, touching, appropriate (PG!), and family fun.

the movie is about young love and funny awkward middle schoolers. it's really funny, and old people love it because it is set in the 1950's. trust me, the theatre was filled with jolly old folks taking advantage of the senior matinee discount. how festive for them.

go see this movie. drive to california if you have to.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010


this past weekend, my matkin family and i had the wonderful opportunity to see our (sort of) family member, mary ngo, (my cousins' grandma), get baptized as a member of the church! it was a great experience. we had lovely talks and music at the baptism. then, the missionaries, some ward members, welshes, hayes', and uncle tom went out to a yummmmy dinner at the anthem country club. yay for nice dinner celebrations!!

sunday was the confirmation. what a great meeting. this whole experience of seeing mary becoming a member of the church was just another reminder of the wonders of the gospel. you never know when the people you care about are watching you and the example you are setting and will eventually join the fold. the gospel is great and i love how it works. what a nice weekend it was with "sister" ngo =)

uncle tom and mary at the baptism.

the flowers i arranged for mary.

everyone!! (almost)

liza and i at dinner.