the campas

the campas

Monday, May 24, 2010

i'm lost on LOST

last night lizzie and i had a HUGE LOST PARTY!!!

guest list:
-mom (no show)
-dad (no show)

half the people invited showed up, so we feel pretty good about the turn out.

basically lizzie is my best friend and these past few days i haven't felt like hanging out with anyone at all, so if i am ignoring you please understand i am going through a mid life crisis. lizzie and i know how to have fun and laugh at anything, whether it be a LOST party, singing primary songs, running around in Snuggies, me breaking lizzie's bed cause i jumped on it to wake her up, or badly losing a game of badminton to our parents who are really good at that sport. (yup, these all just happened.)

here is our party:
i am fishing in the ocean for food.

we got all dressed up, made 7 layer bars, watched the 2 hour re-cap of LOST, then the episode started and we realized we hate that show and we turned it off. typical. i have seen the first two seasons of that show (my entire freshman ward went through a really unhealthy obsession phase where all we did was watch that show and eat a lot at the cannon center), then i realized i hated everything about it and swore to never watch it again. opps. i am glad it's over.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

the Jonas Brothers blew awayyyyy

yesterday all i did was look forward to seeing the "Jonas Brothers 3D Concert Experience" for free outside at the district. except for mother nature had different plans. they cancelled it cause of the wind...after mccall, lizzie, and i trekked down there with our blankets, snuggies, camp/beach chairs, and jonas paraphernalia. except mccall, but she repented and will buy a shirt soon. anyways...FREAKING WIND.

sad day......
instead, we rented it on a cool new invention called the Netflix disc for Wii. basically, if you have a netflix subscription, you can get a free feature on the Wii that gives you access to whatever movie you want INSTANTANEOUSLY. god bless this feature, cause we still enjoyed an evening of jonas despite the wind. and i was reminded about how much i love that movie. it's seriously so good, and has this video in it. i believe in this song, i really do. great lyrics and great video.

man i love the jonas brothers, they are so dang cute and talented! mccall loves them now too. i converted her. you are welcome.


i repeat....WHY HAVE I NEVER HEARD OF THIS MOVIE!? lizzie and i just went online to re-watch the eclipse trailer and discovered this gem of a trailer starring the most beautiful man alive doing the most beautiful thing ever...PLAYING BASEBALL. it looks so good and sad, we started crying during the preview. imagine us at the midnight showing bawling, cause that is going to happen.

happy sabbath.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Amazing Birthday(s) Weekend of JOY.

this past weekend turned into four of the most fun filled days of my whole life. it was a weekend filled with:

-so much family time with the Matkins, Ngos, Prettys, Hayes-Kings, and Welshs
-new pets to play with, disney movies to watch, and Wii games to play
-great weather for numerous BBQ's and swimming sessions
-two birthdays to celebrate: fathers and mine

we were so excited to have justin, diana, and cute little cousins jack and noelle come stay in the guest house for the weekend:
justin, mom, jack, and i enjoyed a trip to city center and bellagio on friday. jack loved riding the "subway" around city center and eating fabulous gelato at the bellagio that was almost as good as gelato mio in dear old london town, but not quite.

we had a big family BBQ that night with cousin larson sporting his white trash wife beater he said he was breaking out for the season. oh gees.

here are liza and lizzie and i. I love liza and lizzie. and all three of us togehter. we are hilarious. annnnd we decided on friday that we do indeed look like each other after this picture was taken by jack:

we think photo booth is entertaining. liza and i make the same faces. and lizzie is just...lizzie.

on saturday, lizzie and i picked up dad's birthday present: 4 baby chicks.

raising chickens is something my family has done for many years. dad got a cute new chicken coop for his birthday that is now being used by the fondly named (by jack):
-chickie sweetie
-mr. noodle
the chicks were hidden in becky's bedroom on saturday. we were all really impressed by the little cousins ability to keep the secret from my dad. jack almost gave it away once, but overall my dad was surprised. and becky will probably be angry when she reads this post and hears that her room was being used as a barn while she is gone. sorry sister.

saturday also brought the ngo's to us. well just two of them. mary ruth and erika came down for the weekend. it was epic...they made it to vegas from pasadena in 3 and a half hours! mary ruth looks happy to be here.

so does jack. he is such a good swimmer.

sunday was dad's birthday. i LOVE having my birthday the day after my dad's. it is the best thing ever. dad loved his chicken coop and justin loved building it.

every year we have have a family party together. we had the prettys, welshes, and grandma and grandpa over for the party. it was wonderful.
we always get to blow out the candles together, with a little help from cousin kinsi.
jack pretty (yes i have two cousins named jack that are the same age. incredibly confusing), and kinsi were so enthralled by the chicks. it was so cute. they re-named them jack jr. and kinsi jr. poor chicks are going to have an identity crisis. they loved playing with them. and the chicks were nesting in kinsi's cutie tutu. don't tell anyone but she might be my favorite cousin. i am plotting to steal her one day. also, do not mention this to anyone.. particularly aunt heidi. she would not approve.

MONDAY was the dreaded day of anna hayes turning 20. i have been trying to not think about the fact that may 17th means i am no longer a teenager. it is sad. but that is life. you get older every year whether you want to or not. my family and friends made sure i had a great day. i felt so old.... until a random man in a bakery told me he had "socks that were older than me" when i complained to him about my current age. thanks old man at the bakery.

highlights of the (birth)day include:
-making lizzie miss school to eat breakfast at Egg Works with the family.
-shopping at the outlet malls with my mom and raiding banana and j. crew.
-going out to dinner at Roy's Hawaiin Fusion. it was the best dinner ever. and they gave me a picture of myself and my family, plus free desert. how nice.

-having carly, megan, mccall, and liza over to eat cake and watch young victoria, (best movie ever). i have the greatest friends ever, they all made my birthday amazing. megan even made me a cake with our picture on it. she is like martha stewart but way cuter.

-getting on facebook that night and having over 60 notifications. i love facebook on my birthday. it makes me feel cool and special and like a lot of people love me and remembered my day of birth.
-going to bed feeling ok with the fact that i am now 20.

well that is my weekend. more exciting than normal. i love my family, friends, day of birth, and everyone who took the time to read this incredibly long blog post.

He said it all.

i love this.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Lizzie is pretty.

i just sent little Lizzie Busy Hayes off to her first middle school dance. she looks so good! so grown up-ish and pretty. i did her hair...hence it looks fabulous. oh and her make-up. that looks good too.

i am sure she is off partying the night away while i sit here in my sad lonely life helping my mom make dinner:

yum, summer.

oh anddd thinking about how i have the coolest job in the world that includes the news media AND doing service to my fellow man. i love it. i started it today and it is fabulous. and i get a cubical. A CUBICAL!!! is it weird that that makes me really happy? like i almost did a victory dance when my boss told me i got one. if you are extra nice to me i will decorate it with your picture. cause it is a little boring and depressing as of right now.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Lion King.

This is an international student card:

i got it in London. its main purpose in my life was to get me BARGAIN tickets to whatever musical i wanted to go see in london complete with quality seats. it was like some sort of harry potter magic. i was so sad when i went to go see my last musical in london. i thought my relationship with that little card was over.


cause you know why? i live in an awesome place. it is called las vegas, nevada. it has musicals and other inappropriate shows. megan and i found out that the little magic international student card works on those musicals and probably other inappropriate shows we will not be seeing.
last night we spontaneously went to go see LION KING at the mandalay bay for 25 dollars. we sat in seats that normally cost 168 dollars. oh ya. it was so great. i love the african music, the story, the dancing, the costumes, the set, and the atmosphere.

megan is my best friend and has been since she was born and i was 1 years old. so it was fun to go see a show with my bosom buddy. i love this musical. i loved it in london when i saw it in january, and i loved it here, and i loved it last summer when seriously the highlight of my summer occurred when i got to go see it before anyone else and interview the cast. they were all still there last night. it was great.
last summer:

i love las vegas, lions, casinos, megan reed, and my international student card.

pretty flower garrett gave me converted into a necklace.

Monday, May 10, 2010

s u m m e r...

initiation.'s summer.

megan and i initiated summer today. first, we had a blogging party in my bedroom. megan decided she needs to be a blogger. cheers, i support this. follow her: do it.
then we jumped into my pool with all our clothes on. why? i don't know. we are spontaneous people.
then, we made our summer slogans.
megans: "yes girl."
annas: "no regrets."

i encourage you all to have a summer of no regrets. i'm going to try to.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

happy mother's day!


i love my mother. she is the best. she does so much for me and i am so lucky to have her in my life. she means a lot to me, and if i end up remotely like her i will consider my life to have been a success. this blog is in orange because it is her absolute favorite color and she is in love with it.

we also went to see my grandma tonight. i love my grandma, and she is running for office in two weeks, so VOTE FOR KAREN HAYES KING! this picture is on her campaign brochure. so we are helping her win the election. you are welcome grandma.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

toddlers & tiaras

tonight, lizzie, liza, and i spent 2 hours watching the TLC show "toddlers & tiaras." to sum it up: it is a bunch of insane pageant mothers forcing their 5 year old daughters to put fake teeth in, get spray tans, wear weird sparkly dresses, and be competative to win a dinky crown. it made me so sad. i almost cried a few times, no joke. i want my kids to be in piano classes and studying, not trying to be miss america. cause seriously all these moms think their daughters are the next miss america. and they are NOT. poor poor girls.

i started to think about how much i don't like pageants:

And I was reminded of my one semi-close pageant experience, and remembered WHY i don't like it......

.....because it is dumb and makes you focus on outer beauty and not inner beauty. whatever, watch the show, it's really funny.

Friday, May 7, 2010

it's the little things in life.

sometimes i wonder why i like being home so much. i really miss utah because all my friends are there and i am always doing something social or being kept busy. so why am i enjoying home so much? i should be bored. yesterday i randomly started taking pictures on my phone of all the little things that are making my life so joyous.
i love my life.
i am so lucky.

i love that my pool is warm enough to swim in.

i love helping my mom make her famous curry. yummmm

i love that i had time to color code my closet.

i love our blossoming front flower pots.

i love my cute little next door neighbor who is fun to play with and tried to break into our house.

i love walking sierra. and talking to her. it's weird but i swear she listens to me.

i love going to 7-11 with my parents who buy me a slurpee.

i love going to red box and watching movies with karalyn.

i love driving places with my dad.

I love home.
oh! and i got an internship. serious. i just don't know what's going to happen so i don't want to give details yeeeeet BUT i am excited....
so excited.