the campas

the campas

Friday, April 30, 2010


It's here!  the iPad...aka the gigantic iPhone.  It was delivered to the law offices of garry hayes this morning by  steve job's elves, aka, the iElves. (mac jokes are never not funny to my dad and i.)  It really is fun to play with and make pretend phone calls on it.  I want one.  May 17th=my birthday.  Just sayin....

my new accessory.  not really. but i wish.

dad and his new favorite child.
ps-notice all the other mac products my dad has lying around his office. gees.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

eye doctor

i went to the eye doctor today. or rather, an optometrist. i spend a lot of my time there. my eyes are messed up...thanks dad for the bad genes. oh well.

he dialated my eyes. then me and my mom went to the 99 cents store and i couldn't see anything so i felt my way around and people stared at me because I looked like this:
except i looked even WORSE cause i had to wear my glasses over the awkward sunglasses. I am so COOL.

I can't see anything or read anything. this is all a big bluuur on my computer screen. sorry if i made any typos or if you texted me and i texted you back something that didn't make sense. send me a white cane, please.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Road Trip??

I foresee a large road trip in my future....

JB tour dates were announced today!

I will certainly be attending one or more of these concerts.

There is nothing better than a Jonas concert. Nothing. I can't wait!

Friday, April 23, 2010


Hey America...I'm baaaack!
I have the best family in the world.
They made me a sign, greeted me with cheers at the airport, took me straight to taco bell because I missed it, and made me a delicious dessert. They also put up with all my London stories. I love London, but I am sure glad to be home. I missed Las Vegas, my bed, my sisters, and my amazing dog short, it is good to be home.

Best sign ever, I was laughing so hard. Everyone on my flight was amused by it. Props to Lizzie for making it, and Becky for supporting her in making it. I love my sisters!!!

Karalyn got a sign too! You can't tell, but there is a plane flying above the volcano on my sign. It's cute...i love it.

We though this was funny. So we took a picture. And laughed. We are easily amused.

Becky is now off to DC for the summer. We had 12 hours together, full of pictures, presents, and London stories. I am sure she is going to be the best intern ever, and I am so happy I got to see her!!

I am going through culture shock. The money looks skinny, the people are driving on the wrong side of the road, I forgot what a truck looks like, and the toilets are too small here. But I am adjusting. To all you London friend blog stalkers, I MISS YOU. I can't wait for our reunions.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


I never knew the true definition of bittersweet until tonight.

Best semester of my life. Best 4 months of my life. Best week of my life. Best friends a girl could ask for. It's over.

Best family in the world. Best sisters ever. Best bedroom that I have missed. Warm weather I can't wait to feel. It's starting.

I feel like I have been here for years, this semester, my prayers were answered and I got everything I wanted out of this experience, and it has made me a better person.
I can't express how I feel, I miss London already, but cannot wait to get home to Vegas!!!! The volcano got over itself and stopped blowing ash all over, and now all I hear are girls throughout the centre hugging, crying, chanting "USA!", and packing. It is intense. I am going to miss this place, but can't wait to get home.

London, thanks for the memories, I love you so much.

at the beginning. I had NO idea what I was getting myself a good way.

My new best friends. I love everyone in this picture more than words can describe.

This place will always be my home.

I missed these four weirdos an IMMENSE amount. I am going to jump on top of them when I see them!!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Thank you, Eyjafjallajökull!!

OK......I am ok being stranded here. Forever. I love London, and London friends, and the BYU London Centre, and the warm summer weather, and the lack of homework.

Because of Eyjafjallajökull, I have been able to:

Celebrate the "Holland festival of tulips" at Trafalgar square (aka, the free beer festival. So fun. I loved it.)

Celebrate Caroline's 16th birthday with her in warm summer weather!!!!

See the tulips blossom all over London. No words can describe how pretty they all are.

Get some FREE HUGS at Hyde Park on Sunday! All of London was out enjoying the park. It was fabulous.

Play with Reesa and release energy on a gorgeous summer day.

Play soccer with my best friends in Hyde Park for two hours today. I feel like we have bonded even more. We are all so close, I can't even think about saying goodbye now. I think we are all eternally bound to each other. I LOVE IT.

There you have it. This week is the happiest of my life. As long as I get home in time to say hi to Biicky for two seconds before she disappears to D.C. all summer, and as long as I don't die flying home. Also , I have to be home Saturday. I have to go to a wedding and see my friends.
But still, I LOVE LONDON and I love all this free time to do whatever the heck I want to do. I have done so much more than what I just posted pictures of. I am taking full advantage of this week of enjoyment no other programs get to have. We are lucky, and I love this week.

Last December, I sat on top of a volcano in Hawaii. I had no idea I would ever be effected by a volcano. Life is funny.

Thanks for this week, Eyjafjallajökull. Just let me get home sometime this week, ok? Bye.

Saturday, April 17, 2010


I may or may not need to go job hunting tomorrow, since I don't think I am ever going home.
The volcano is cancelling flights like crazy. No one has left. No one is going to for a while. I won't complain, I had a fabulous day of gorgeous weather and London fun. (minus the food poisoning part, ughhhh.)

If you've ever wondered what I look like after I am laying in bed and get a message that I am going to be interviewed: Watch this.
It is hilarious, and highly informative on my current situation. I feel like Las Vegas is rooting for me to get home. Thanks Fox5.

I have tickets for Thursday, as Matt kindly announced to everyone...but there are rumors that it could take up to two weeks after that to get home.

WHAT IS GOING ON?? This kind of stuff doesn't happen in real life...or at least not to ME. Maybe I have am more exciting life than I thought I did.

Food Poisoning.

I have never had food poisoning.

until today.

I went to borough and had a vegtable burger, because it was summery and warm and I wanted to feel healthy for once in my life.

Now it is down the toilet after an hour in the bathroom throwing up.

Just had to share. Don't eat veggie burgers. I will never be able to eat any form of a hamburger again... Oh well.

Friday, April 16, 2010

it's summer

I am sitting in my bunk waiting for news on the status of my flight home. Just a few minutes ago I remembered something.


Hello summer, I have missed you. Summer means:

tan skin, sisters at the beach, popsicles, frozen banana stand (there's always money in the banana stand..), eating mexcican food, Angles baseball, kayaking around Huntington Harbor, and running on the beach.

I admit, I haven't stopped praying I never have to leave London...but seeing these pictures reminds me there is a lot waiting for me at home, too.

Well, I have to keep hitting this "refresh" button till I find something out. Don't worry, I'm still having a full last day of London just in case. We have lots is going to be an epic day with best friends and the greatest city in the world. I'll keep you posted on Mr. Volcano and his eruptions.

HAPPY SUMMER. To all you Provo people, happy final-ing.....I'm glad I am done.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Church is True.

Remember when I prayed for some type of catastrophic event to happen that would allow me to stay in London forever???

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Good news, prayers are answered. But REALLY with the volcano!?!? Ok it did not need to be that dramatic...but I will take what I can get.

No idea when I am getting home now. As previously stated: the church is true. Amen and amen.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Never Again.

Never have I taken three 2 hour finals in one day, and never again do I want to. This has officially been the longest day ever. Leslie and I decided we would rather stand in the middle of Primark for an hour than go through these finals...and that is saying a lot......

I feel drained. My brain feels like it is sloshing around in my head and about to fall out onto the ground. I am emotionally frazzled because I am leaving my home of London in a few days. I still have so much to study, to see, to pack, and goodbyes to say. I should sleep, since I have not done enough of that this week, but I want to blog about my BBC experience!

Kellen and I went to the BBC television studios, which are close to the centre. Just 3 tube stops away. The studios are 13 acres in size! It is so amazing. Our tour was up close and personal. They have such a HUGE newsroom! I wanted to jump through the glass and go get on a computer and get to work. It was so exciting, everyone was working so hard and busy as can be. They also have a 24 hour world news studio, and I am amazed at how they can do that. It is so cool. We saw t.v. studios, game show sets, and even got to put on a fake news broadcast. Our tour guide asked who wanted to be the anchor....pretty sure the little kids were supposed naturally I did it. Ha ha, it felt so good reading off a teleprompter and having a microphone. I dunno, it's weird, but I was so happy when I was doing it. Kellen taped it, I'll have to post it sometime! it is. BBC is the best thing ever. I am going to miss watching it.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Karalyn's Day of Birth!!

Today is my dear roommate/best friend for two years birthday. Karalyn is my Las Vegas neighbor who happened to end up as my roommate last year. We call this an act of fate. Her birthday always falls on a reading day, so we always distract ourselves from finals with celebrations.

Cake with Karalyn in Helaman Halls last year...

Cake with Karalyn in London this year.....

Birthday London Centre picture!

I convinced Karalyn that she needed to come to London with me last semester, I am quite persuasive. Having her here has brought us even closer together as friends. And what a great place to turn 20!!

I love you Karalyn. Happy Birthday!!!

PS- I toured the BBC tv centre and BBC NEWS STUDIOS today!!!! It was incredible. I will do a detailed blog post later!! But I have to study for finals all night, so expect one in the next few days!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

My kids. I love them.

When I have kids, I hope I love them as much as I love my primary kids.

Bradley and the nameless baby. I love them both.

Today I bid farewell to my dear sweet primary kids who I have become overly fond of this semester. They will always be near and dear to my heart...and they will never know how much they have changed my life.

They are CRAZY. Please notice Bradley and Quanlee physically fighting in the background, and me trying to prevent injuries.

More cute kids being wild...

I am probably lovingly yelling at one of them here. It took us a long time to get them calmed down enough to take a picture.

Our ward's school house is undergoing construction so we had a two hour testimony meeting for church today, so we didn't get to go to primary, but I got to talk to all the kids afterwards. A few of my boys were gone today, so that was sad. But my favorite, Bradley Quaye, the bishop's sweetheart son with the toothless smile, was there. And the cute little baby I hold all during primary was there, and no one knows his name still. It is too hard to pronounce.

Well I certainly love this ward, its' amazing members, and these kids. I love them eternally, and will miss them SO much. But I know I will see them again. My favorite girl, Howa, told me"Primary is going to so boring now that you are gone!" Well Howa, my life is going to be so boring without you. Crystal Palace Ward is my new favorite ward of all time.

The whole primary and nursery, with a few missing. The ones on the left are Eliza's kids, and the four on the right are mine. Except Bradley is hiding. Silly kid.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Abbey Road.

This morning, we had the great idea of getting up at 5 am to go take roommate pictures at Abbey Road, to avoid angry people who live there and hate tourists. It was worth it.

We decided we are going to have the greatest roommate picture at BYU. Hands down.

Leslie and I also discovered a little street full of magic and Disney wonder.

I don't remember much about this morning's Beatles pilgrimage. It was so early. So early, in fact, that when I lovingly woke Arrin up with my iPod glowingly in my hand to provide a ray of light, she was convinced I was an alien and screamed bloody murder. It was terrifying. I collapsed onto my bed halfway through the day and took a two hour nap. I guess I am not capable of surviving the day with only four hours of sleep.

So, as you can see, today was a WEIRD day. Karalyn and I did a lovely walk along the Thames. (a walk on the "wildside," as my book called it. It wasn't actually very wild.) The city is beautiful early in the morning, and we had a great time.

I studied all day, taking a break to bid farewell to my beloved Borough Market and try an ostrich burger!! Yummm.

I have so much to do, it stresses me out. And tomorrow is my last day with my beloved primary class. Sad sad day.

what the jonas?

well this is the most awkward thing i have ever seen in my life:

can they not??
No one even understands what this Cambio nonsense is, and that commercial makes it even MORE confusing. Best part about all this: Joe's glasses.
ahhhhh yeaaaaaa.
PS- Megan Jette Martin from camp rock, i totally took dance with her when I was little. I need to find a picture of that......but it's for reals.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Two Places at Once.

You blog stalkers are going to be hearing a lot from me lately. I find that whenever I need a little study break, blogging is the perfect thing to do. It doesn't take very long, and it takes my mind off of school for awhile and allows me to refocus when I start stdying again.

Today, I was in TWO PLACES AT ONCE. I know right!? It's like "A Walk to Remember," except for I am not about to die (fortunately), and Shane West was not there, (unfortunately).

We went to the Prime Meridian (hence my ability to be in two places at once), in Greenwich and took a boat ride down the Thames to get there. It was about 75 degrees, sunny, and perfect. I passed all my favorite London sites I have become so fond of this semester....and I got a little sad. I have a little over a week left now.

Did you notice how pale my stomach is?? HA HA HA, thanks London.

I have a new favorite singer named Eric Hutchinson. He is amazing, you should listen to him immediately. I came upon this song the other day, and feel like it is kind of how I am feeling. Well, no, it isn't. See...the bad thing is...I am NOT homesick and would love to stay here for the rest of my life. However, I am trying to CONVINCE myself I am terribly homesick so that it might be easier to leave in a week. We'll see how it goes. This song might help me, just a little.

I think maybe I will send him an email telling him to write me a song about NOT wanting to leave England. Seriously, what the heck is wrong with the girl who wrote in to him about not liking England!?! STUPID!
But ok, maybe I miss the USA.....I mean, it's the land of the free and home of the brave. God bless it, you know???

Gah. Ok, study time. Happy Prime Meridian Friday!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Mr. Darcy!!??!!??

Brittany, Kira, Alyssa and I just went to see a play called "Private Lives."
starring....MR. DACRY (of the Kiera Knightly version of Pride & Prejudice.)

Kim Cattrall (one of the stars of "Sex and the City), and Matthew Macfayden (Mr. Darcy), starred in this play, and it was amazing. Alyssa and I were given a private BOX for two people for some random reason. Ha ha ha. We were seriously ten feet away from the stage. I was cracking up the whole time, because we were not acting cool and normal about sitting in the box. You could tell it was something we did not normally do, especially when we were waving at Brittany and Kira from a mile away and physically pointing out all the random people we could tell were on dates.

Best part about it: BYU PAID FOR IT. They had leftover money, so we got 60 pounds to see whatever plays they approve of and are culturally uplifting. No idea why they chose this as one of the plays. It was not bad, but pretty sure it didn't uplift me. Oh well, thanks Brigham!

There he is:

More observations from the box: the John Wilkes Booth Box!

Anyways, I love Mr. Darcy. Pretty sure he loves me too. Maybe not. Whatever.