the campas

the campas

Friday, March 26, 2010


We went to Cambridge University on Wednesday. It was cool. My Uncle Tom, the almost president of Disney, went there. And it was pretty. So I liked it. I heard the ONE thing you have to do at Cambridge is go PUNTING.

What is punting, you may ask?? That is what I asked myself....

WIKIPEDIA, source of all my knowledge, told me that: A punt is a flat-bottomed boat with a square-cut bow, designed for use in small rivers or other shallow water. Punting refers to boating in a punt. The punter generally propels the punt by pushing against the river bed with a pole. A punt should not be confused with a gondola, which is propelled by an oar rather than a pole.

Good to know.
So we did it.


"Oh, look, I am so good at this, and I look pretty good up here too,"

"Anna, we are going into a grove of trees. Steer please!!"

"Crap, sorry, sorry, sorry. I am trying to not run us into a wall."

"Fail."-boat man.

I agree. FAIL. But I still think we look cute on the boat.

Thursday, March 25, 2010


Every year in England, there are beautiful world famous daffodils that blossom about this time every year.
This year, they were a little late because of the coldest winter we’ve had (coldest winter in 33 years….)

The past few days they have been poking their little heads up all over, and it is beautiful. They stick out like someone randomly colored highlighter all over gray London town.

This morning our Civ class took a stroll through Hyde Park and I brought my camera and snapped a few pictures. I have taken some more throughout this week whenever I have seen them. So here they are, enjoy!

I love it. I love flowers. I love London.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Danny. Fanny.

I wanted to do a quick blog before I hit the hay tonight.

Having my parents here has been incredible. I love them, they are so great, and I am blessed they are able to have the time and finances to come see their favorite middle daughter across the sea. I enjoyed bringing them to dinner at the centre last night. As they said: "Everyone needs to see where Anna gets her wit and charm from!!" ha ha, oh Natasha and Garry.

So last night, we went to go see Grease. Dad wanted to see it ,and I had also been meaning to get to that show, so it was perfect. Of course I fell slightly in love with Danny, the hottie lead. While running through Piccadilly Circus tube stop on our way home, my mother saw Danny dear walking past us! She spotted his large greased hair. I chased him, and caught his elbow, and he was SO NICE!!! What a nice person, he totally loved that we recognized him and went to the show. He was so sweet. He used to live in Las Vegas, so we bonded and chatted on the ride home. He said he was hurrying to move into his new flat. I wanted to offer to come over and help him, but didn't want to be too forward. ha ha.

Jen say next to him on the tube, she looked like she was in heaven. My mom kept elbowing me to snap a picture but I failed to do so. Dang it. Oh well, it was really fun. I enjoy Danny, aka Noel Sullivan.

ALSO, GOOD NEWS ALERT! I get to keep my dad here for one day longer than expected!! Thanks British Airways for your strike, I appreciate it. Now he gets to see my crazy primary class and experience my ward. It is really exciting, and although I had to bid my mother farewell tonight, I am going to see her so soon it wasn't even sad.

So, life is good. I will blog about my trip to Cambridge University today very soon! Let's just say, if you ever want to go punting with me, don't, because I will crash the boat in to a wall and some trees.
More about that later......

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Paris. Officially.

So, like I previously stated, Paris was a fabulous time. We really lucked out with weather. It was at least 65 degrees and sunny the entire time. Bonjour Paradise.

We started the trip with a ride on the Chunnel. This means a lot of ear popping, riding backwards, and relatively no sleep. Also we got stuck with the "no window" seat. Well the good news is there isn't a lot of scenery on the inside of a tunnel under the ocean:

When we got to France, we went to Chartes. Home of a huge famous cathedral and a not so famous merry go round that brought us a lot of joy.

We got to our hotel and enjoyed the nice rooms we got. Karalyn and I were roommates for the first time since freshman year, so we were enjoying ourselves greatly. We ate pizza and then all frolicked around Paris together, seeing the Eiffel Tower (yes...I cried when I saw it, of course), and the Arc De Triumph. I also decided that while I was in France, I would learn French. It was almost successful. The reason I have an ugly guidebook in my hand in EVERY picture of me in Paris is because I was using the phrase guide in the back. I learned some, and made a new summer goal to get better at it.

Next day we all went to Versailles. The hall of mirrors, home of the treaty of Versailles, is dusty and not cool. Oh well. Alyssa, Kellen, and I had a long look around all the gardens, which I loved.

We then ventured over to the Musse De'Orsay, my new all time favorite museum. We also got to see the Pantheon of Paris. By the end of the day, we were so tired, and our feet hurt. Alyssa and I partook of a glorious ice foot bath at the hotel. Then, we all got some crepes and FRENCH fries and ate looking up at the Eiffel Tower, and went on to the next activity on our agenda: a boat cruise down the Seine river. Welllll we kind of got lost. Kellen, being a clever lad, asked for directions about 5 minutes before the boat was supposed to leave. We had already kind of given up. However, when Kellen was done getting directions, he yelled at us in a very intense way: "EVERYBODY!! LET'S GO!!!" bah haha. I can't really describe how funny it was. We all obediently ran after him, hopping over fences, darting through traffic, crossing bridges, and dramatically making it onto the boat for a relaxing and beautiful boat cruise. I loved it. It was the perfect thing to do after a long day of running all over Paris.

The next day, we went to Notre Dame. Brother Macfarlane endorsed a great bargain we all partook of, and we got to climb to the top, and see the bells and gargoyles. Everyone was quoting the Disney cartoon "The Hunchback of Notre Dame," however, I never watched any Disney movies when I was younger and still have not seen most of them, so I did NOT partake in that. Oh well. Then we saw Sainte Chapelles, which I was so excited for.

The walls of the church are made of gorgeous stained glass, and it is truly beautiful with the sun streaming through. Then we went to the Cluny Museum, saw the unicorn tapestries, and went to go find the famous France ice cream shop where they sell Berthillon. It proved to be the best ice cream of all time. But I love all ice cream, but still, it was SO good. If you ever go to France, you must eat the ice cream.

After that, we went to the Eiffel Tower, because we are obsessed with it. We stood in line for an hour, then got to ride to the top. I was scared for some reason. No idea why, I began to fear it toppling over when we were in there. Good news: it didn't. The top proved to provide the best view of Paris yet. It is so different from London, just the colors, architecture, and buildings.

Then Sarah Marshall, Reesa, Karalyn, Arrin, and I went to the Pompidou, the modern art museum that is literally "turned inside out," which was weird and random. We ate pastries and looked at it. Pastries in Paris are delicious. We then ventured over to the Louvre, which had the perfect view of a lovely sunset. We saw in the famous courtyard with the glass pyramids and enjoyed our lives.

Inside the Louvre, we saw Mona and all her friends. We were only halfway through our "highlights" tour when our feet started to hurt SO badly. We realized we had been on them for like three days straight. We slowly lost the ability to walk. As Arrin said: "I have seen Jesus, I have died...." Well we weren't THAT close to death, but it sure felt like it. We decided to go back to the hotel to save our feet. However, we began talking and got really stressed about time, and decided to HAD to get to the top of the Arc De Triumph that night. Soooo, we did. And we climbed the staires. And it was SO WORTH IT. That view=the best. I loved it up there. Yup, I cried.

Last day in Paris. We went to a fancy schmancy French breakfast. Then, Arrin, Karalyn, Jake and I experience the L'Orangerie. We saw Monet's water lilies, which were stunning. They are huge, and there are so many of them. I also saw my favorite Renoir painting, and other Renoir works which I really enjoyed.

Arrin Karalyn, and I did some shopping, and attempted to visit St. Denis church. That proved to be a bad idea. We ended up in a bad scary part of town, and almost died. It was terrifying. We definitely got followed, and I rolled my luggage through some blood. No joke. Turns out it was the wrong St. Denis. Dumb us. Oh well.

Before you know it, our trip was over. It was short, but I did everything I wanted to do. I loved it. Running around Paris with your best friends and seeing things you have only ever read about in textbooks. Life doesn't get much better than that. Merci for the memories.

this cute shirt brought to you by Lizzie Hayes. I have the greatest little sister in the world.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Paris. I need to blog. But I am too busy being busy.

I went to Paris last week.
It was INCREDIBLE. The city had perfect weather, perfect friends, perfect sites, perfect food, and perfect memories. I need to do a long trip summary blog. But I don't have time...because......

and it is perfect. and fun. and the best thing ever.

Here is proof that I was there. Paris, it really does hold the key to my heart.

Friday, March 12, 2010


I am so excited. My parents are funny, as you can see:

We are going to have a great time, I have a lot of ideas of fun things to do with them. And I am excited to show them all the things I love doing while I am here.
When I was a freshman, my entire family came to London to visit Becky. But they left me in Provo. So sad. But they still had fun. I wish Lizzie and Becky could come, we will surely miss them.

WELL I am so excited. SO so so so excited! The end.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Elder Kevin Johnson

I have a best guy friend, and his name is Kevin Matthew Johnson.

I have known Kevin since I was a baby. We have been in the same ward for the majority of our lives. However, even if we weren’t thrust into one another’s paths, I think we would have found each other and still been best friends. Kevin is currently serving a mission in Paraguay, and his birthday is in a couple of days. I also got a letter from his recently, hence, Kevin has been on my mind a lot lately.

Kevin is the type of friend you have forever and all eternity. The person you tell everything to. He is always up for hanging out, whether it be a midnight movie (his favorite thing), playing guitar songs and singing together (our favorite hobby), a game of badminton (he thinks he is really good), going to get Del Taco at midnight (can’t even count how many times this happened), or just sitting in your living room and talking (usually about my mother, who he is creepily in love with….no joke). Kevin and I are basically the same person…it is scary. I am pretty sure he understands me better than I understand myself.

Kevin and I became super duper close my last couple years of high school, and even more so during our freshman year at BYU, and summers in between. I saw him way too much. We were in all the same classes, musicals, choirs, seminary classes, and church groups. When we weren’t doing all those things, we were still hanging out at my house. He just started to walk into my house without even knocking, and it was totally normal. Example:

My dad: “Anna....Kevin is out sitting on our couch watching the news, maybe you should go talk to him….”
Anna: “No, he’s happy, bring him a popsical and just let him be.”

We hung out every day of my life, for hours and hours and hours upon end. But I never even got tired of it. Kevin makes me laugh constantly, and I miss that in my life.

Kevin came up to California this past summer to bid me farewell and go to Disneyland for one last time. He loves Disneyland, and wants to be a jungle cruise skipper when he gets older. That, or the president, he can’t decide. Saying bye to him was super sad, just because I knew how much I would miss talking to him and hanging out with him. I am happy to report Kevin is still the same funny kid he has always been, his letters always crack me up. One time he sent me a tissue to dry all the tears he said I was crying because he was gone. Bah hahah.

Well, as a birthday tribute to my best friend Kevin, here are a lot of pictures of us. I have about a bazillion more.

Happy birthday Kevin!!

Disneyland trip, summer 2009.

Kevin loves Obama, maybe even more than me.

Kevin was a black man for Halloween. Bah hahahah.

This sums up our relationship pretty well.

We went to Knott's Berry Farm one time.

Kevin's favorite article of clothing, leather pants, which he wore during our senior dodgeball tournament, which I made us lose by catching a ball. Dumb Anna.

I don't even know.

We went to Sadie's together.

Two of my favorite people.

We went to Hawaii. No joke.

At a Twilight Book release party. We went to support Lizzie.

We had our football tickets together, but didn't pay attention. We just ate a lot of food.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Jane Austen.

If there is one thing that all girls have in common it is a mutual love for Jane Austen.
If there is a girl who does not love Jane Austen, then she is probably not a girl, so beware.
Jane Austen teaches all girls about love, life, and growing up. I have read Jane Austen novels and watched Jane Austen movies my whole life, and today had dreams come true when I got to see where Jane Austen wrote her novels and where she lived. She was an amazing woman......

We started out our day trip by going to Stourhead, a beautiful park that has beautiful old temples and a huge lake with so much greenery everywhere. It was gorgeous. No wonder they chose this spot to tape a pivital scene of Pride & Prejudice with Kiera Knightly, the rain scene where Darcy professes his love to Elizabeth under the beautiful "Temple of Apollo." It was really fun to see it, despite the scaffolding and fence that blocked it off. However, the sun was shining, the weather was good, it was not crowded, and we had a great time. I could easily spend hours walking around Stourhead, it was beautiful.

Celestial Kingdom right there

Can they NOT be closed!?

After that, we travelled to Jane Austen's home where she spent most of her life, until shortly before she died at the early age of 41. Caroline and I played with the Jane Austen dollhouse they had there with all the characters from her novels, and acted out a scene from Pride & Prejudice. We got to walk through her house, It is newly re-done and very nice. I saw her clothes, the table she wrote everything on, her bed, and the costumes used in one of my favorite films: "Becoming Jane." Oh and the best part of the day was that I got to play on "her" piano!! Her meaning it is a replica of the one she had, but it was thrilling. I saw it and ran to it, then the lady asked me if I played. I told her I did, so she said as long as I played something other than chopsticks I could have at it. GAHHH!!!! Exciting!!!! I played some random music they had sitting there, and part of the Pride & Prejudice theme I had memorized. The experience ended with Kellen and I acting like 5 year olds on the tetar totter next to her house.

This is a happy Anna Hayes

After this we went to Winchester, another charming little English village, and home of the Winchester Cathedral....where Jane Austen is buried. It was beautiful, and I love walking around every random little town we go to. We always have adventures, shopping sprees, and of course learn something. It is a dream come true.

On the bus ride home, I sat there for the entire drive home listening to my iPod and thinking about how blessed I am. I have fallen in love with a place so many people will never even get to visit. It is unreal to me the amount I have grown while I have been here. I never want to leave, and may never actually leave.

We finished the night with a huge group of us watching the new Pride & Prejudice, with lots of screaming involved. We are continuing with the marathon by currently watching Sense & Sensibility while catching up on our blogging/facebooking. I love how we have all become such good friends here. I never imagined I would make so many new best friends here. I feel like we are all so close. I can't image what this summer is going to be like when we aren't living together 24/7.....I am going to miss everyone like crazy!

OK well i have to go sob over Jane Austen/miss male companionship some more...Cheerio lovelies!!!

Here it will never get old.

Monday, March 8, 2010

War Horse

Sooooo our entire London group went to go see a play called "War Horse" tonight, which I was NOT excited about. I mean, I don't like horses....or war......sooooooooooooo........

Ok but now of course I am obsessed with it, it was magnificant. They have horse-puppet things that look so real it is scary. They are controlled by humans but honestly look so real that it fooled me the entire time. It is the story of a boy and his dear horse and WWI. I was bawling at the end. I am a sucker for animal movies. Marley & Me, Charlotte's Web, Babe......

And they gave me a free pin at the end of the show. Thanks War Horse. So I still don't love horses or wars, but I loved this play.

Here, watch this, get your tissues ready....

Free pin means thumbs up.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Paris!!....NO...not Paris Hilton


this is invading my mind.


I can't even wait, I have never been before. I wish the trip was this week, but I have to get through a lot of homework and more London sight seeing before we are jetting off to France.

It's sad that the image I have in my mind of what Paris is going to be like comes from the Mary Kate and Ashley movie I watched countless times called: "Passport to Paris." I may or may not have been in love with those boys and their hotttt mopeds the Olson twins jet around on.

Do not even act like you haven't watched it...we all loved those movies.

Other than that, all I can visualize in my mind when Paris is mentioned is the lovely mini Eiffel Tower I have a few blocks away from my home sweet home in Vegas....which I DO love, but I hope the real one is better than that one.

wow....seeing this makes me miss home. A LOT. Can I go back to Vegas for like ten minutes and then promptly return to London?? Please???

What is even more upsetting than that is this....when google imaging the word "Paris," the first two results are Paris Hilton.

Paris, FRANCE....that's hott.