the campas

the campas

Saturday, February 27, 2010

can i NOT stress right now?? I'm in London..

I have had the busiest day of my life today. I take it back, the most STRESSFUL day. I am blogging merely to take a break from this stressful day. I am trying to study for a midterm, prepare a talk for tomorrow, get my primary lesson ready, schedule interviews, find housing,catch up on my journals and facebook albums, and most stressing of all, FIND A JOB FOR THIS SUMMER.

My dream job of becoming an EFY counselor has proved difficult just because they don;t like to do phone interviews, but seeing as how I am in London and not Provo, I am trying to work it out. I can't decide if I would rather intern at a newspaper in Vegas or at a different news station. All of this is stressing me out, and I shouldn't be stressed out, because I am in London and should be having fun.

These past two days were a lot of fun.
We went to Wales! Wales is fun! Especially when it involves the following activities:

-Seeing Tintern Abbey, stunning....also stunningly difficult: trying to decipher Welsh, the weirdest language ever.

-Going to the center of the earth into a coal mine and touring it, then having an anxiety attack and almost passing out because your guide keeps talking about methane poisoning, rats, and mine collapses. The Welsh are not considerate of my feelings tor wards mines....

-Exploring an interactive Welsh village. Think of nauvoo....old buildings, guides, tours, hands-on activities. It was really pretty, and entertaining.

-Getting to stay in a HOTEL!! (big deal alert!!!) A big deal because the rooms/beds were huge, unlike the centre, although I love my room in the centre. We loved having some space for a night, and getting to watch T.V.!! BBC=LOVE!

-Finding Hayes Street in downtown Cardiff. Hayes street means everything is labeled Hayes, and it made me really happy. also included on Hayes street, a huuuuuge T.V. screed playing the Olympics with all the locals watching it. This was the first time all Olympics I have watched them, and it was curling. Epic.

-Going to a really huge castle and running around with your friends for a few hours playing "raid the castle" and having the best time of your life.

-Experiencing church history up close and personal. We got to visit the Benboe farm where Wilford Woodruff preached and converted so many. We got to visit the little pond near it where thousands were baptized in. We saw the church local saints attended. We climbed a hill and had the most BREATH TAKING view ever, even though we almost got blown off the top of it. This hill was where John Taylor, Brigham Young, and Wilford Woodruff did their deep thinking and overlooked all of Wales.

-Crying your eyes out in the chapel where Wilford Woodruff gave his last sermon to the saints of England and feeling the spirit so strong while singing "The Spirit of God," and knowing that the church is true.

Highlights of the trip: Testimony building. I came back to the centre knowing even more so than I already did that the church is very very true, and very very wonderful. The missionary efforts in England were inspired, and I know for a fact that those saints that gave up everything here to join the church and come to America were looking down on us that day. I think they were very much present during that closing song.

Whales......amazing also.
OK.....back to studying.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Yesterday I woke up in my comfy cozy bunk bed and had a realization. I felt like I was at home. It was weird. Everyday I wake up and feel happy snappy and excited, but always feeling like I am in London, and home is way over the ocean and over lots of mountains and deserts and down Dustin Avenue. Way far. But yesterday, this place became home to me.

Which is good, but sad. Sad because I am halfway done on Friday (wow, wow, wow), and sad because I don't want to leave it here because I am the HAPPIEST I have ever been while here in London. BUT I CANNOT THINK ABOUT LEAVING. I makes me too sad. And I have so much to look forward too! Like an overnight trip to Wales tomorrow to see Church History site, lots more musicals, daffodil es in Hyde Park, more delicious food to try, wonderful friends to spend time with, PARIS in a few weeks, and my mom and dad coming to see me! OH and today I went to Europe's largest mall and to the poundland to buy 2 JONAS Brothers books they are selling!!!! (Guess Jonas hasn't quite taken off over here in the motherland....) And I am about to go see a performance of 12th night! I haven't read it, but I have seen "She's the Man," which is what Shakespeare based it off of...obviously...=)

And even when they do drag me out of this place kicking and screaming, I have so much to look forward to this summer. Some examples include: sisters who I love and miss dearly, hot weather, Huntington Beach, a job which I have yet to find, a best friend who lives down the road, watermelon, swimsuits, being tan, and scrap booking my London Trip.

This past week was another wonderful one. I decided to show it off in pictures.

Holland Park. Gorgeous.

Charles Dickens' Home

Trafalgar Square at Night.

Johnny TEA TIME =)

Link Larkin winking at me TWICE during Hairspray (in my fourth row seats. this face describes how i feel about him) ;0 wink wink

Getting ready for my O.W.L.S. at the Victoria and Albert Museum

Monday, February 22, 2010


Every night before dinner we have a devotional with announcements and information and spiritual thoughts and blah blah. We also have spotlights on a different girl every night. Tonight my dear bunkmate Leslie Macfarlane spotlighted me! And it was funny. It was funny enough to merit a blog post.

She wrote an acronym about me!! I love acronyms, one of my top five favorite forms of poetry, for sure. What an HONOR. It is a good one too. She is so talented slash creative. If you want to learn more about me, then read this now. It is informative.

That pretty much sums me up. Thanks LesBum!!
These are my four favorite people.



Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Crevice

I discovered that I can sneak through this little crevice in our room behind the closets that separate both sides of the room. I thought I was getting fat and couldn't do that, but I can! It makes my life happier because now I can get to the other side of the room faster, due to the fact that it is located in my nook, the "annanook," as Leslie calls it. It is where I spend the majority of my time in London. It is comfy, cozy, and by the heater. Also, I can creepily whisper things to the girls on the other side of the room through the crevice. They probably think I'm creepy and weird, but I don't care. My side of the room accepts me....I think.

Here I comeeeeee!

Also, I am wearing my new leotard in this photo. I probably haven't taken it off in three days. And it unsnaps at the bottom. I LOVE LEOTARDS. They are comfortable, flattering (on most people), and also Lady GaGa wears them. And at the end of the day, isn't that what it boils down to?? Being more like the GAGA??

Another thing I learned today from Sister Cooper is that when you say you are "stuffed" in London, you are saying you are pregnant. In my calculations, I have told approximately 1,372 people over here I am pregnant. Yay! I hope at least one of them is planning me a rockin' baby shower catered by Gelato Mio.

If you care, this is how I WOULD look if I were the 1700's.

In other news, I am going to be a professional blogger in the future! I know, I am going to be that AND a journalist. I have too much I need to do. This came to me in a revelation during our fireside just now. Our stake president who I am also kind of in love with (shh don't tell him I think he would be weirded out), his wife is a professional blogger who used to work for magazines and for the U.N. and now lives in London with a husband with an accent and little kids named Isabella and Oliver, aka, she is living my DREAM life. I need to channel her in all that I do.

Consider this the first post of my professional blogging life. Do I need a degree in that.....?

Friday, February 19, 2010

Yar' a Wizard, Harry...

I really always knew that Hogwarts was real. I KNEW IT. There is no way that it is not real. The world of witches and wizards, Yule balls, triwizard tournaments, butter beer, and snogging became a reality to this muggle on Wednesday.


Brother Macfarlane announced two weeks ago that we were going to have tea where they filmed the great hall scenes and the random scenes for the Harry Potter movie, and you should have heard the screams that came out of the drawing room in the centre. Pretty sure he covered his ears. We were all SO excited. How could a group of girls that grew up with Harry Potter and midnight premieres living in London NOT be excited?

When we got to Oxford, it was so easy to recognize the halls, corridors, and staircases they use in the films. The whole school itself looks like Hogwarts, because, it essentially is. The staircase that Harry and all the other first years stand on when Malfoy warns Harry to be careful with the types of wizards he makes friends with and harry for the first time ever tells off bloody little Malfoy was one of my favorite spots to be at. SO COOL RIGHT!??!


When we entered the great hall, I was crying. Of course I was crying, I knew I would. Crying tears of joy and harry happiness, don't worry...


The hall had three tables, not four. But they are long just like that movie. There was also a big table up front for faculty aka Hogwarts heads of houses and professors. No, our professors did not eat there; despite that fact we told them they should. I sat at the Slytherin table. DANG IT. We were the ONLY ones in there. It was amazing. They had a lot of portraits covering the walls, and no, they did not move like I expected them to. Also, there were zero floating candles. Ok I really thought that was going to happen, guess not. The food itself was not so great, but we were all so blissfully happy we didn’t care. We were eating in Hogwarts! The sorting hat, quidditch, O.W.L.S., and house ghost jokes were endless. We were milking the experience for all it was worth, literally acting like it was our first day at Hogwarts. I even found an awesome stick earlier in the day that I whittled into a wand that provided a nice prop for the bazillions of pictures we ALL took. Looking back, I look stupid with a stick in my hand for every single picture. Kellen told me I look like a crazed homeless lady. But I don’t care; I was waving it around all day and Avadra-Kadavra-ing anyone who told me to stop it. (That’s the death spell for all you non-educated muggles out there.....mother......)


Later that night we watched Harry Potter 1, screamed a lot, and recognized how lucky we were to have gone to one of the most prestigious wizarding schools known to man that day. What a happy Harry Potter Day it was!!!

so much drama in the great hall. harry potter, oh how i love it forever and ever!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Today I found out that I have been accepted into the BYU Broadcast Journalism Major!!!

This news is exciting....since I have wanted this for a very long time. I am proud of myself, and excited for the future and all that I will learn!!!!
See you on the news.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Kopenhavn, Danmark!

If I were to make a list of place I want to go in Europe about a month or two ago, I would expect to see places like: Rome, Ireland, Greece, Scotland, Germany, and France on that list. Never in my life would I have even considered putting DENMARK on that list.

This past week may or may not have been one of the best of my life. And where was I??
Bah haha. Life is funny, I tell you, it really is.

It was spent in Copenhagen Denmark. So random, I mean, my ancestors FLED from that place, why would I go back? However, when given an extended weekend for our program with the chance to go wherever we wanted, my parents suggested Copenhagen, and it won me over with its promises of history, beauty, and a lot of pretty pictures I found on Google Images, thanks Google. I will now document our trip….it was so fun and so many memories were made, I apologize for the length.

Laura, Karalyn, Arrin, Leslie and I set off for Copenhagen on Wednesday after classes and after lots of planning and dancing around the housing chanting “Copenhagen schnogin durgin schpluring!!!” We were so excited, and after a long wait at the lovely airport we were off in the air on our way to Denmark. When we landed, we all jigged off the plane we were so excited.

We navigated our way to the heart of town on the S-Tog, their version of the Tube. We were surprised it was snowy and freezing cold. Why?? I don’t know. We should have known it was going to be so cold, I meant it is practically up there with Russia. Well, it was cold, let me tell you. We wandered around, and thanks to the friendly people of Denmark who all speak remarkable English, we found our hostel. We had booked a room for 6 people, and were counting on having it all to ourselves. However, the hostel messed up and accidentally put us in a 10-person room. As we discovered this while waltzing into our room, we were dismayed to see two large lumps on a set of bunk beds, aka two sleeping bodies. We became convinced they were boys after a large pair of man boots was spotted next to the bed. Needless to say, we were all saying an extra prayer when we went to sleep that night!


Thursday we awoke to a new roommate, a crazy Danish lady who we decided is homeless and lives at the hostel. She talked our ear off forever about McDonalds and America and Obama and her dead husband and blah blah blah. After escaping her, we walked over to the Roseburg Castle, after several pit stops at the 7-11’s they have on literally every corner in Denmark. How random, I thought Americans were the only 7-11 lovers out there! When we got there, we walked around the park, and almost froze our faces off. But it wasn’t cold enough to stop the beauty of the country to start to show. It was a gorgeous sunny day, and the city is so charming. It is clean, quaint, and has so many friendly people riding their bikes around. I loved it. The castle was freezing inside, they didn’t heat it, but very cool. We were pretty much the only ones in there, so the guards constantly followed us. Guess we looked suspicious or something. We saw the crown jewels of Denmark while there. It made me want to be a princess. Any single royals out there??


After the castle, we stopped for some delicious hot chocolate, and then headed over to the Glyptotek Museum. On the way there we passed through the downtown shopping centre, which was filled with great shops, food, and one-legged clown jugglers. We had the national favorite treat, the “fransk hotdog.” YUM. I am addicted. Imagine taking the middle out of a warm crispy baguette, putting a big yummy hot dog in there and filling it with curry sauce and ketchup. Heaven on earth, that is what it is. I had a total of 3 or 4 while I was there, and would have eaten more if I was trying to get selected as a contestant on the Biggest Loser.


We could have spent hours at the Glyptotek Museum. It was a fabulous museum, and I feel qualified to say that, because we have been to at least 20 since coming to London. It is set up wonderfully, and has beautiful sculptures and French paintings. This past summer I visited a museum in Pasadena and fell in love with a really lovely sculpture they had reproduced for the museum called “the 14 year old dancer” by Edgar Degas. I found out the original sculpture was on display at this very museum in Copenhagen! Wow. I was so excited, it made me happy. Again, we were practically the only ones there. It was an incredible experience; I could have spent the whole three days in there.
After the museum, we saw the famous Hans Christian Anderson statue, then walked over the “Cathedral of our Lady,” which is an activity I had been looking forward to ever since we decided to go to Copenhagen. The church houses the first and original Christus statue in it, a recognizable and significant figure in the LDS faith. Walking in that gorgeous building and seeing Christ at the end with open arms made me feel the spirit so strong. The Christus has always meant a lot to me since seeing in Salt Lake City at Temple Square as a young girl. I love looking at the mini version my grandma has in her house, and there was one made out of clay at the opening of the Newport Beach Temple which became a favorite of mine as well. Seeing the original was incredible, I really can’t describe how cool it was.


After that, we wandered over 10 feet to the campus of Copenhagen University, which was apparently on a holiday. No one was there, but it was still pretty to see and wander around.
It was starting to get dark, so we continued to explore the city, and saw a lovely sunset over Denmark. We enjoyed dinner at a café down by the canal, and returned to our hostel tired and feeling accomplished. We were able to get another room to avoid the scary people, all of who turned out to be GIRLS, not boys thanks goodness! The room we got was for 5 people, and we were so happy to have it. It was cozy and perfect. Although, that night we discovered the lock did NOT work. Crap. I used my movie knowledge and barricaded the door with a wooden chair. No one believed me that it would work. But it did…….boo yah. Safe and alive for another night.


On Friday we went to a delicious Danish bakery called Illum for breakfast and had amazing, huge, warm, and tasty cinnamon rolls for breakfast. Mmmmm. Those Danish people know how to make bread, I swear.


We then decided to go to the Fredericksburg Castle, a top site every guidebook recommends. We took the Metro there, and asked a lady at the stop where it was. She looked confused but pointed us in the right direction. We should have taken this as a sign. After quite a long walk through the city and park, we made it. The building was so pretty; we took a pit stop to feed the birds outside, and hurried into the castle. Once we were waltzing through the gates, here is what happened. A military man hurridily came out and stopped us. He told us that this was a MILITARY BASE and we were not supposed to be there. Opps. We all looked so dumb, and worsened it by asking things like, “so there is no tour??” or “why isn’t there a tour of this place??” I looked the most dumb out of everyone by asking “where is the paintings??’ Bad grammar and DUMB question, Anna. One of the reasons we were going to the castle was to see the Carl Bloch paintings of Christ, the ones the LDS church commonly use. It was….embarrassing, looking back. I was just really concerned we weren’t going to see them. Anyways, we just laughed it off and felt kind of stupid, then headed back to the metro station to makes plans to get to the REAL metro station. On the way back we stopped in a Danish Charity Shop (the European version of DI, I have recently developed an obsession for them, I have always loved a good thrift store!)

Once back, we traveled to the for realsies castle….ends up it was way farther away than we thought! It was stunning. So huge, majestic, and full of history. We were able to take a tour, and yet again it was pretty much just the castle, and us, which was nice. We found the Carl Bloch paintings and they far exceeded all my expectations! They are randomly all placed in a little side room next to the chapel. There are about 27 of them. I have looked at these paintings my whole life, and there they all were in one place. I could have spent hours in there, especially since there were some I have never seen. One that particularly caught my attention was one of Christ in the Garden of Gethsemane with an angel holding him. It was really powerful, and one of my favorite moments of the trip.


After thoroughly exploring the castle and even recreating the Anastasia ballroom dance scene from the movie in their huge empty ballroom, we headed back to the main part of Copenhagen. Riding on the train was wonderful because we got to see the Denmark countryside on the journey to and from the castle.
The next stop on our list of places to see was the Copenhagen Temple; it is tucked away in a suburb of Copenhagen amongst other buildings. It does not stick out at all, we may have passed it if we didn’t spot good ole Moroni up top! The temple was very unique. It has pillars in the front, and is made out of red brick. Angel Moroni is on his own pedestal, not connected to the temple. It is also pretty small. The temple was closed, but it was nice to walk around the outside. This was the first foreign temple I have visited.



After the temple we went to the opposite of the temple, a little area called Christiania, which exists for people who love drugs, nudity, and tie-dye to hang out. It was crazy. My Obama-loving Democrat self really liked it, but the Strength of the Youth pamphlet would not have approved. We ended the day eating dinner and 7-11 chocolates at a restaurant next to the hostel, and relaxing in the hostel longue with facebook creeper man who was always there. What a day.

Of course we had to go to Illum for breakfast, those cinnamon rolls were just too good to resist. I really miss that place. We took a long cold walk to see the Little Mermaid statue, but it was well worth it. Once we were there, we discovered a group of about 40 Irish boys were also there on an exchange program. We made friends with them, they were so nice, friendly, and had the best manners ever! Leslie, Arrin, and I decided to slide on down the ice to get up close and personal with Ariel the Little Mermaid. Well, I got stuck on the way down. (NOT on purpose, Leslie Macfarlane….), and ended up holding hands with 4 cuties Irish boys. How many Irish boys does it take to get Anna Hayes down a hill? 4. That’s right.



After that we took a train out to Roskilde, a little town that is famous for its Viking history. We toured their huge Cathedral, which was very pretty but under a lot of scaffolding. We then took a charming walk down to the Viking museum, which was one of the craziest places ever! You get to se 5 Viking ships they found at the bottom of the Ocean, and you also get to dress up as Vikings and play on some ships they have! We were yet again the only ones there, so we had a little too much fun with that. We then sadly journey back to the hostel, picked up our stuff, and went to the airport.



Our airport experience was long and dramatic. Our flight was delayed 4 hours, and once we got home to England, they wouldn’t let my dear sweet bunkmate Leslie through the boarder! She doesn’t have the right letter to get through, and they tried to send her back to Copenhagen on the next flight! AHH! She would have to work in the scary hostel with the scary facebook creeper for the rest of her life. I was nervous, to say the least. She thankfully got through, but the delay made us miss the last train to London. We had to take a charter bus to the city, and then maneuver our way back to the centre on the local busses. Let me tell you, there are WEIRD people out at 4 am on a Saturday night in London! Some members of our party who shall remain nameless wet their pants on the way. Geees guys. To make it worse, my favorite and cherished Forever21 13 dollar jeans i wear every day of my life ripped and I had to throw them away in the airport. (don't worry, I had sweat pants I put on...) SAD DAY though! My mom will be happy, her life goal is to get me to NOT wear "trashy Forever21 jeans." There you go mother.
We finally got home to the centre at 4:30, wished each other a good Valentine’s Day, and went to sleep.

Over all, the Copenhagen trip was:
I love Denmark so much. I love all those girls so much. Arrin Karalyn Leslie and Laura you are my best friends, and I am lucky to have spent a wonderful weekend in the land of our ancestors with you! Farvel, Fransk, Slutspurt, and Tok for life!!!!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


I. Love. England.

I love royalty, and the countryside, and the friends, and the food.

I love it all.

Sorry blog followers because that is all I ever say. But it is all I have to say. I mean it.

Today we went to where they signed the Magna Carta, Runnymeade. haha, cool name right? It was a gorgeous spot and we got to see a glorious sunrise.

Then we toured Windsor Castle. I have been there once before, so I kept having weird deja vu. I could learn about royalty and their craziness all day long and never get bored. I just love it. The sun was shining and we were all so happy we shed out coats and ran around, even though it was still cold outside.

Then we went to Stoke Poges Church, where Thomas Gray wrote his poetry. It was stunning, to say the least. The greenery, the foliage, and the old church in the old graveyard. Gahhh it is all like a dream.

And as if that is not enough, I get to do this all with my new best friends, roommates, and all around wonderful people who I have come to love.

We finished off the day with a delicious Kebab from our favorite hole in the wall place on Queensway. It is soooo good. I realized I love Greek very much.

Life is GOOD right now.

And I get to go to Copenhagen tomorrow. To this beautiful place.

LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL. i cannot stop smiling =) As they say when speaking Danish in Denmark, FARVEL! goodnight =)