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the campas

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Mr. Turban Man

This whole London experience has given me a taste of what the world is like outside good old America. I have met so many people from so many different nations, and learning about their cultures and interacting with them is so fun. I have tried different kinds of foods, and heard more languages than I ever have in my life. I LOVE it. Learning about cultures is something that fascinates me. Today was one of the most eye-opening experiences I have had yet.

We went to the Southall area of London today, a short tube and train ride away from the centre. It only takes about fifteen minutes to get there, but once there, it feels like you are in a different country. The area is where a good portion of the Indian population lives. The reason we went was to go to the Sikh temple, the “Sri Guru Singh Sabha Temple” for our cultures class to observe them and learn about their form of worship. We got there and the first thing I noticed was the size of their temple. It was HUGE. We went in and had to take our shoes off, it is a sign of respect. We then had to cover our heads. The men wore bandana type things, and us girls had been instructed to bring scarves. We wrapped them around our heads, and had to wash our hands before entertain the temple, a symbol of cleanliness. We learned that the Sikhs believe that your hair is the highest thing to the heavens and that you can receive sacred revelation through your hair, so they never cut it. We got to see the temple, and then enter the actual temple. We sat on the ground, and observed as a woman chanted their scriptures as Sikh worshippers went up to an altar and bowed and kissed the ground while praying. We got to do the same thing. We kept our hands folded and head scarves on and bowed to the floor. After that we talked to a Sikh man who works at the temple. He told us a lot about their faith.

Learning about Sikhs was fun because down the road from me is a family of Sikhs that has a huge shrine in their living room available for all to see. They spend their time sitting outside, and walking up and down the road. We call the main man of the house “Mr. Turban Man,” and he is like a celebrity in our neighborhood. We know they are Sikh because my grandpa asked them one day. Now I realize WHY they have that shrine in their living room. It made me happy seeing all these Sikhs and thinking of Mr. Turban Man over in Las Vegas doing the same thing I was doing today.

Anyways, after we learned more about their faith, we got a ball of flour, sugar, eggs, and butter which you eat after your pray as part of the ritual. It was delicious. You have to keep your hands together and bow down to the person handing it out, and pop it straight in your mouth.

After visiting the Sikh temple, we walked around Southall. It really feels like being in India. There are NO tourists there, but the downtown area is packed with Indians shopping, look at beautiful dresses, and talking to friends. It is veryI think I was supposed to be born in India, because I love their food. cool. We got Henna tattoos, so beautiful! We also had a local treat, warm corn in a cup that is flavored like curry. Yummm. We also went to a Hindu temple, which was cool. You don’t have to cover your head, and they had a shrine representing some of their gods. After that we went to yet ANOTHER Sikh temple and went through the process again. I love sitting on the ground and listening to them chant the scriptures and watching the people worship. I decided you can feel the spirit in other temples, not just the LDS one. I could sense the Sikh’s love of God. We went up to the shrine again and bowed down to be respectful, took our lump of food, and went and walked around some more. I love looking at the beautiful sari’s and sparkly scarves. Then I went to the dollar store and bought toothpaste that was Arabic, opps, didn’t notice that. Sketchy? We left our scarves over our heads all day, just because we felt like we fit in more when we did. They had great music playing all over town, and all the food smelled SO good. It also provided a good day to quote my favorite move: “Bride and Prejudice” all day, and the music playing made me want to watch a Bollywood movie and do my impersonation of Indian dancing.

For dinner our whole group gathered back up and had an authentic Indian dinner at a local restaurant, and it was delicious. I LOVE Indian food, and their sparkling guava juice they had was to die for. I saved my can from it.

Overall, today was an amazing day. I feel like I immersed myself in a culture and learned a lot about a religion that is worldwide and popular, yet so distant from me. Except for Mr. Turban Man, now I can finally have something to talk to him about.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


So today is the first time I wish that I was home in America instead of London.
I know, NOT POSSIBLE. what is going on.
Well there has been a lot of buzz around London lately that Friday could be a bad day. Tony Blaire is speaking to parliament about the Iraqi war, and there has been a lot of rumors about a terrorist attack. Today, the British government raised the terrorism likelyhood up three levels, making it very probable and a serious threat.
We have been advised by our professors to avoid the downtown area and the Tube and other forms of public transportation. It just scares me because I have never been in areas that are likely to have a terrorist attack on them until now.
Plus Arrin just research all this scary stuff about terrorism here in London and read it to us. Two men on the "no fly" list somehow slipped through the system and made it thoigh Heathrow a few days ago.
We decided to stay in the centre on Friday. We will still have fun, and I don't want anything bad to happen.

Why can't we all just get along????

Monday, January 25, 2010

Les Miserables

I have a problem. I love musicals too much. I have ALWAYS loved musicals ever since I used to sit at home all day watching “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat” instead of out making friends like most kids did. In high school, I was in five musicals and spent my free time singing musical songs in choir. My family likes to go see musicals too, and always goes to Broadway ones when in New York. I have seen Beauty and the Beast twice there, it is my favorite to watch and to be in. Moral of the story, I love musicals, and it was one of the reasons I wanted to come to London in the first place. To see MUSICALS. Tonight, I fulfilled a little dream of seeing Les Miserables……a musical I have loved the songs for but for whatever reason never saw.

I remember last year when Karalyn found out I had never seen Les Miserables, she took an hour out of her life to go over the entire plot with me and explain characters and the story. I knew I had to see it after that. Today after a trip to the Victoria and Albert Museum; Leslie, Arrin, Laura, Karalyn, Annie, Michelle and I decided we need to go see Les Miserables. And so we did. And boy, it was EVENTFUL. Blog worthy, even.

Laura and I are on kitchen crew this week, meaning that the rest of the group had to go early to buy tickets for us, while we would meet them at the theatre. As we hurridily left for the theatre, we were riding on the Tube when I had the weirdest experience. Ever. The Tube took off after a stop, and Laura and I were surprised to find that an old man feel literally into our arms. Like, we caught him. I thought he fainted. We propped him up, and he turned around to apologize. When he turned around we saw that his face was cut up and bloody. SCARY. I did not know what to say, except for awkward me saying “are you ok!?!” He seemed ok, I have no idea what happened. Memorable that a bloody man fell into our arms on the tube.

Once we got there we had to hurry and get tickets since they didn’t let our friends get them for us. We got them, and they were great seats. And pretty cheap too. The show was incredible. Really amazing. I was crying it was so good. ALSO, I have another problem….it makes me miss being in musicals. That was my LIFE in high school.. Theatre theatre theatre……dance dance dance….sing sing sing. So it is hard watching musicals now, but I still love it.

Also, I found my future husband. He was the head revolutionary man who was beautiful and perfect and my eternal companion. I waved to him, he did not return the favor. He was busy singing or something. I always do this, go to a show and fall in love with a beautiful man. His name is David Thaxton if you wanted to know. Yes, I stalked him online.

The walk home from the show proved to be funny too. Those girls and I just laugh all the time, especially late at night. We always get really weird when we are out in public together. Tonight Leslie even ran up the escalator in front of most of London to get to me when we got separated! What a bunkmate she is. We spent the tube ride home assigning every person in our program a Harry Potter character. It is entertaining, let me tell you.

Les Miserables is so good. I can’t stop listening to it, thinking about it, and doing my creepy-Colette impression for my roommates. You should watch the show before you die.

Goodbye from Londons!

THERE HE IS!! Of course he is on the billboard. Of course, he would do that.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Young Victoria

Last night, we watched the most incredible movie ever. I would have loved it in America, but I love it even more in LONDON. It tells the story of Queen Victoria. I have heard a lot about her from museums visited here, and wanted to learn more about her after hearing interesting facts about her, like how she was in mourning for the rest of her life after her husband Albert died. The movie is out here in England on DVD, before it is even out of theatres in the states. Karalyn bought it from Tesco. Last night we watched it. It is truly life changing. SO beautifully done. I love their love story. How he feels about her is so sweet, it's all I want in my life. I want my own prince Albert. Someone who is so caring and adorable and will wake up and say "good morning wife." I won't give it all away, but here are some reasons I loved it:
1. A good portion of it takes place at Kensington Palace, which is about 2 block away from me.
2. She is coronated in Westminster Abbey, in the coronation chair, which I saw today.
3. It shows that royal couples are real couples.
4. Prince Albert is just adorable, and has a cute nose.
5. They frolic around in the rain together. Cuties.
6. Albert takes a bullet for Victoria. Enough said.

In conclusion: watch this movie. And then discuss it with me. It is life changing and will make you fall in love with love. I have watched it twice in one day. And will probably watch it tomorrow. So you should too.


This past semester at BYU, I took a little G.E. class called Physical Science. I hated it. The end. The tests were hard, the class was a bore, and I hate science.
I don't even believe in science.

Today, we all went to Westminster Abbey. While there, I realized that every single person that made my life miserable for a whole semester were all gathered together with me in that abbey. To name some:

-Sir Isaac Newton
-Charles Darwin
-James Hutton (the father of geology)
-Antoine Lavoisier (created the law of conservation of mass)

There are many more that made me want to crawl up in a tomb myself last semester and die. Who would have known we would all be gathered together today, in England, with me having conquered that awful class with a B. Still, I stomped on their graves. I wanted to grab a shovel and dig them up and discuss how they ruined my life and demand an apology from them. Stupid science.

The end.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

So glad I took piano lessons......

When I came to London, I knew I would learn a lot with my school studies. I knew I would make friends. I knew I would grow to LOVE London and living in London. I have done all those things already.

I did not expect I would have my testimony strengthened so much while being here. Church today proved that to me yet again.

BUT before I tell the tale of my Sunday, I need to update about my most recent adventures. Friday was a very busy and fun day. All of us plus professors got early and went to the Tower of London. We had a mix up with the tickets, and all had to wait outside the tower right next to beautiful tower bridge for an hour. It provided way too many photo opportunities. Once in the tower, many adventures were had. We saw the crown jewels. It was amazing. You go by on a little conveyer belt thing around them. The diamonds are just dazzling in the light. They still use the crowns for the queen, the same crowns that were made hundreds of years ago. The tower of London was also used as a prison and for chopping people’s heads off, like poor Anne Boleyn. We saw the prison cells, torture chambers (eek), and the chopping block! It was really interesting, and very authentic. I felt like I was living in the medieval times!

After being thoroughly creeped out at tower of London, we took a long walk over ‘London Bridge,’ naturally singing Fergie Ferg’s famous song the whole way across, and eventually got to Borough Market. My new favorite place. I went there when my mom and I went to London before, and remembered how cool it was. There are tons of stands with fresh food, and an area with so many yummy desserts! I wanted to eat it ALL. But I limited my selection to curry, on of my favorite dishes, and it was so good. I then had a huge piece of BAKALVA! If you know me at all, you will know that one thing Anna Hayes loves is Baklava. I LOVE it. And they had a thousand pieces of it there. I was a happy camper. I ate one. The man selling it tried to get me to eat more when I told him how much I loved it, but one filled me up. After that we went back to the centre, and later on watched “A Knight’s Tale,” after being inspired by the knight exhibit at the Tower of London. I fell asleep, of course, and went to bed pretty early.

Saturday it was a very rainy day. We went to Portobello road, the famous market, which is like two blocks away from the centre. It was too crowded and too wet to do much besides eat a ginormous crepe filled with nutella and bananas. Delicious. We came home and did some studying and later that night went to Primark, the Forever21 of London, except a LOT cheaper and a LOT more crowded. I was having a panic attack just from the sheer number of people that were in there. I did get some cool green sneakers and a pretty shirt while there, though. We then took the Tube over to Harrods. I really love Harrods. It is just so London-ey. It was crowded, but we all got some of their famous chocolate and then ate dinner at a little Japanese place nearby where the food comes across on a conveyer belt. It was nifty. That whole trip was fairly exhausting, so we came home and spent the rest of the night planning our trip to Copenhagen!!! We leave in three weeks!! Leslie, Arrin, Karalyn, Laura, and I CANNOT WAIT.

Ok…so for the exciting paragraph of this overly long blog post. Church church church!!! I LOVE CHURCH!! I LOVE THE CRYSTAL PALACE WARD!!! Cameron, Eliza, and I were assigned this ward last week. Today, we had to take the Tube, get on a train for twenty minutes, and walk through the neighborhood to a small elementary schoolhouse. We got a little lost; I tend to have that effect on people. Our map the stake president gave us gave us perfect directions to the McDonalds….no idea why. We found that no problem, but it was nowhere near the schoolhouse/church. We got directions and were still an hour early. We chatted with the stake president who was visiting the ward, and the bishopric, made up of African church members; wonderful men. They asked me if I played piano, and I told them I did. We sat around for a while as about 30 or 40 members trickled in. When it was time for the meeting to start, I looked up at the bishopric. The second counselor who I told I played piano was frantically pointing at me. I looked at him, and he moved his fingers around, motioning me up to the piano.

Translation: Get up there and play the piano.

I marched up and sat on the bench, glanced up at the number board, as a nice African woman stood up to lead the music, and then we were off! I got about 2 seconds of preparation time. I played all three songs, one of which is never ever sung and I have never heard in my life, plus a rest hymn in which the members stood up and belted proudly, “families can be together forever.” I have NEVER been so grateful for piano lessons in my whole life. They were all just so GRATEFUL. I felt so needed, it was nice. A man from Scotland in the ward later told us they can go for months at a time without a pianist. I played again in relief society; they had me play a musical number in between also, just to hear it. It was a hard and random hymn again, but I am just so glad I was prepared. Thanks mom for the piano lessons. I was happy I was so easily able to get up and play the hymns with ease and make a difference for a little tiny ward in England that meets in a schoolhouse. The stake president called us “angles.” How different from a usual BYU ward.

Another neat part of the day was during sacrament meeting; the 1st counselor randomly asked all there of each and us to come up bear our testimony. I felt the spirit so strong when I was bearing my testimony: looking out over a ward of diverse, struggling, faithful members who are SO different from me, yet we are united in the gospel. I was fighting back tears the whole time because I was so grateful to be there with all those smiling members. They all befriended us so openly, and wanted to know all about us students from BYU. One nice lady even gave Eliza and I a beautiful scarf to welcome us! I LOVE that ward!!! I will be anxiously waiting for next Sunday for the long journey to my new favorite place, with my new favorite people, in my still the same favorite thing to do, go to church. I topped off a perfect Sunday with a stroll through Hyde park by myself. I really enjoyed it. I swear ALL of London was there since the weather was warmer and the sun was out. There were billions of people enjoying it, and I loved it. What an amazing and testimony-strengthening day for me.

Thursday, January 14, 2010


Well the past few days have really been some of the most memorable days of my life. I can’t decide if it’s because I still haven’t been here that long and so everything is new and exciting for me, or if it really will ALWAYS be this exciting and happy. Arrin and I were having lunch yesterday sitting there just smiling, and talking about how we are just so HAPPY at the centre. Even if we are just all sitting in the “drarwing” room reading for classes with tons of homework, which is what we did last night, I am still happy. Reading in the drawing room in London with close friends, good company, weather, and food beats the fifth floor of the HBLL any day. Plus living with my professors and getting to know them and their wonderful families has been really cool. When I don’t understand something or need to check to make sure I am doing something right, they are more than happy to discuss it, and are usually very close by. Plus, my international relations professor, Professor Cooper, has really cute kids who I like to play with that make the centre even more fun and lively.

The last few days have been filled with homework, our professors give us a LOT of reading. Blah. But I enjoy is and we only have class two, and sometimes even one night a week, so doing three or four hours of reading a night is expected. I don’t mind. We try and take breaks to do fun things and experience London each night still, so it’s not bad.

Tuesday was our first day of class. There are six total classes, and each person takes three that they pick, plus the religion church history class and a London Walks Culture class. The six classes are split into A and B days, which meet twice a week, and then once a week the next week, if that makes sense. Tuesday we had A day. It just so happens that ALL my classes I am taking are A day classes. WHOOO!! Meaning: I have FIVE straight hours of class with no breaks, but it’s worth it. I am taking:

Civilization 201
Introduction to International Relations
English Literature

I really enjoyed my classes. We get to go to museums, churches, graveyards, houses, and other amazing places doing assignments and visiting places we read about.

After class Tuesday, the room three left side girls (whom I adore), went to Ben’s Cookies. YUMMM. Big moist cookies for just a pound!! We walked around the stores; I finally went into H&M, not letting myself spend money on clothes YET. We then took the tube to Big Ben. I was convinced it was going to pop up right when we left the tube stop in the ground, and I was right! It was incredible!!! We walked out, and hello big Ben!!! It was cloudy, but still beautiful. The Parliament building is so big, and so is the London Eye. We became tourists for about a half hour, acting crazy with our cameras and being weird. Some Asian people were filming us being tourists. It was funny. We came home and had dinner, then went straight to the Apollo theatre to see WICKED!!! About 20 people from the group came, and we used our international student tickets to get cheap close seats! Amazing performance, I started crying in the beginning cause I was so happy. And at the end. And during the whole thing I was crying, I was just SO happy I was there at that incredible show with incredible friends and incredible seats!! After the show on the tube, Kellen and I had a contest to see who could ride the whole way home without grabbing a pole or a person or falling over. It was intense. He owes me a Ben’s Cookies. I am just really balanced. (Kellen, I know you are reading this blog post, you owe me a cookie. Let’s go soon.)

Wednesday I waited for all the girls to get out of their mythology class and went with them to the British museum on an assignment they had and to see Trafalgar Square. Arrin and I had the bright idea to climb the lions. Bad idea. They were snowy and slippery and wet and we pretty much got stuck and all of London were staring at us. Pretty sure. That was good. Blending in like we do! We did a lot of homework in the drawing room later on. I feel asleep; it’s just very relaxing in there. I really need to post a picture of it. IT IS SO PRETTY. Enough said. We took a break to get Gelato Mio, a recommendation from Becky she even gave me a punch card she had started, and it was delicious. PLUS it is cute, and there is free Wi-Fi there, and they played “Single Ladies,” looks like I shall be moving there.

Today, Thursday, I spent the majority of the day in class. However, during lunch break, we all went “Pubbin’” bah hahah. We think we are funny, and chanted it down the road. Fish and Chips always taste better in my mind, but it was still very fun and the food was good and quite local. Later Karalyn and I did the London walk around Knotting Hill we missed on the first day. We got lost, of course. We always get lost, and promised to never go anywhere just us two again, we really might day one day. Now comes more homework, and a trip to Piccadilly Circus later on. Sounds like a lovely London night to me!


Monday, January 11, 2010

quick blog

i must blog quickly. i told myself i would get to bed by midnight. four minutes to document one of the best days of my life. ready, go!

started the day out with a trip to the London Museum, a wonderful museum filled with the history of London and lots of interesting things you never wanted to know about the black death. Due to reconstruction, the history of London ends at 1550 AD, how sad. However, we still enjoyed it.

We ate lunch at a cute little cafe near the museum, I had soup, and it was good. We then traveled the few blocks over to St. Paul's Cathedral, a huge and majestic cathedral built in AD 604, burnt down, bombed, and rebuilt numerous times and now is open to the public. It was absolutely stunning. It is HUGE, and has the most ornate and gorgeous ceilings and designs ever. We were able to walk around, see some amazing tombs, (Florence Nightingale!!), and even climb over 500 spiral steps to the dome up top, the "whispering dome," where you can sit in a circle and whisper for your friends to hear. It is amusing, to say the least! I snapped a few illegal pictures, explored the creepy bottom dungeon-y part, I can't remember what it was called, and headed out to visit Marks and Spencer, a favorite store of mine. One the way out, Karalyn and I were walking through the main foyer, and were asked to stop by a priest who had started to speak to all requesting silence for a prayer offered. We obeyed, as did all present, and bowed our heads excited we came at that precise moment. It was an incredible experience. The priest offered a prayer for all those affected by the bad weather (me?? just kidding..but kind of), all those serving in Afghanistan, and newspaper journalist who recently lost her life in the middle east, the leaders of the world trying to bring peace to all, and everyone in need. He then thanked the Lord for our blessings, and it was done. It was amazing. I always forget the faith of people not of the LDS faith, and their love and reliance on God. It was a touching experience praying in the St. Paul's Cathedral with him.

Karalyn and I enjoyed a brief walk around Marks and Spencer, then headed home on the tube. We had to stop by Boots, the local drug store for some things we needed. On the way back, me, the WORST PERSON IN THE WORLD AT DIRECTIONS, was convinced I knew where we were going and started to lead the way home. I was dead wrong. Soooo wrong. We walked at least a mile in the wrong direction. It was so cold, and almost dark. We asked a nice man for directions, he gave them to us, and I failed again. I went in the wrong direction for another mile. It became dark and we were nervous, hungry, cold, and I had to go to the bathroom since we left the centre that morning. too much information, sorry, just telling you. We went into a little bakery we found among the neighborhoods we were strolling through, all of which are beautiful and English, and got great directions home. We weren't that far, and were able to get back soon and safely. Phew. It just reminded me I cannot be trusted with anything having to do with directions, particularly in a foreign country. Even though never eating soggy waffles and maps still come in handy, I just cannot handle it.

Dinner was great, and we had a nice devotional. I also managed to stay awake all day and am looking forward to sleeping through the night. yay. After dinner, Arrin, Allie, Allison, Laura and I went to see "Sherlock Holmes" in a close theatre. It was a strange theatre, very pretty. It was an old grand stage-production theatre, like the one Abraham Lincoln got shot in, with velvet curtains, seats, balconies,and lots of British people with beer. The movie was good, and even better since it takes place in London near where we were. Very cool experience, I loved it.

We start class tomorrow. I have never been so excited for classes, they all interest me so much, and I am ready to learn a lot. Plus, I only have class 2 days per week for four hours. BAM. I love you London, thanks for that.


Sunday, January 10, 2010

i LOVE you LONDON!!!!!

When i think about journaling all my experiences in London, I start to feel panicked. So having pondered the subject, I think my blog will serve as a journal. Of course I will still journal some, and use it as a way to keep my ticket stubs and other things handy...but this blog will serve the main form of documentation for my STUDY ABROAD TO LONDON!!! (ps, i am finally here, long story....but I made it)

This long story starts out Thursday afternoon when I discovered the lovely people of British Airways had cancelled my flight to London, due to bad weather. BAHHH HUMBUG. I was sad and disappointed to say the least, but thanks to Karalyn and my diligent parents, we were able to work out a plan. (after standing on a line at the airport for 5 hours). We got British Airways to pay for a flight to LAX in Los Angeles early Friday morning, and fly out of there to London. I was sad when I went to bed still in Las Vegas Thursday night when I was supposed to be in London. but very happy to still be with my family. At least I was home and not stranded somewhere else!

I got up early on Friday and bid farewell to my family at the airport. (my parents stood there blowing kisses to me until I got through security, I will miss them!!!) We got to LAX no problem. We had to stand in a line for over an hour to get a boarding pass, followed by a seven hour layover. The day became a blur. We flew easily to London on a full flight. I watched a lot of movies I had no desire to see, ever. (ex: Julie and Julia, good! Post Grad, also good...weird that i like it!) I slept a total of two hours. I just couldn't really get comfortable I guess.

Upon our arrival at Heathrow, we had to sit on the runway for an hour until a taxi opened up. We just wanted to get off! My bag was also the last one on the baggage carousel. Wahhhh, I am complaining a lot, sorry. We had a very skilled driver who got us to the Centre speedy quick. He was a very risky driver, and I was worried because in my tired state I forgot we are SUPPOSED to drive on the other side of the road. When we FINALLY pulled up to the BYU London Centre in the beautiful neighborhood it is in, I saw the sign that said: "Brigham Young University," and got all teary eyed. Our long and stressful journey was finally done! I love the centre, I love room three, I love my bunk bed, I love the endless supply of nutella, I love my sister who wrote awkward things on her bunk bed, which is now Karalyn's bed, and I love the people of England. The girls in my room are already my new best friends. We get along great, and have already talked for hours upon end about funny things. I know this is going to be fun, and I am excited about my new amazing friends.

Last night some of my new Londoner friends and I rode the Tube around and explored. I am determined to not get lost by mastering the Tube...haha, I directional skills are a joke. Good luck Anna. We went to Leischter Square to try and see Peter Pan which was sold out. We then tried Wicked, but it was too expensive. We ended up just walking around the beautiful city with all of its charm, and eating at a quaint little Italian restaurant. I am SO tired and SO jet lagged, but I am going to get over it soon. promise.

Today at church was a great testimony builder for me. We went to the Hyde Park ward, a ward comrised of a diverse group of saints, most first generation members. The new relief society president gave a talk. It was a woman from London, an African sister, and a convert from Germany as the president. They gave great talks. Relief Society was amazing. The comments come from all types of sisters from all over the world. You would not BELIEVE the stories they tell. They all come from different backgrounds, have had struggles like I cannot comprehend, and all have really strong testimonies. Stronger than most members that come from pioneer heritage and have been members all their lives. They complain less, smile more, and have a happier life, despite their challenges. I left the meeting knowing the church was true and being happy to be a member of it, excited to serve in the stake and getting ready to meet some amazing people. I am SO excited and SO happy to be a member of this church. It is a huge blessing, and I look forward to next Sunday more than I ever have before.

Well we have a devotional tonight, more later. Cheerio!!!

This is the London Centre. I stole this from Becky, because I have not taken any pictures. But it looks the same, I promise. yay london!!!!!!

Monday, January 4, 2010

why am i here?

well, all my friends are in provo. my apartment has a new tenant sleeping in my bed. i won't see my family for four months. and i had to call my credit card company to tell them to not panic if they see random charges made overseas on my card.


oh yes, i am going to london!!

Once upon a time in september i decided to go to london, for a lot of reasons. I was itching for adventure. Now that I am going in like three days, I keep having freak out moments. I know, I know....I am lucky to be going. I realize that....but I am still allowed to be scared. I am sure I am going to have the best time of my life, and never want to come home. I am counting on that, why else would I go??? I don't know why I am blogging about this...probably because my mom is tired of me talking about it. Or maybe it is just because I wanted an excuse to post these hilarious photos:
This is when my mom took me to London before my freshman year of high school. And i LOVED it. Even though i was in the midst of my awkward phase and I didn't realize make-up was even invented. I didn't even match. gah! We had a great time, and I vowed to go back to explore it more. Here I come.

See you in London!!!

Sunday, January 3, 2010


I saw this. And liked it. Mormon Messages are great.