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the campas

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

2009: a year to remember

2009 was a great year for Anna Hayes. It's weird it's over, time flies. Lots of surprising and cool things happened this year: I survived college (surprising)....had my first internship (cool)....experienced life living in an apartment (surprising AND cool, wow!!).....and lots of other exciting things! Here is a list of great things I will always remember about 2009


Got to escape the Provo cold death land for a weekend to go to Lizzie's birthday in Disneyland with the fam. Even though it was raining, it was fun fun fun. I cried when I got off the plane because I was so darn tired of being freezing. ALSO notable: I got my very first BETA FISH for my dorm room!! (against the rules, but worth it.) We made him a paradisaical home, named his Jose Eduardo the III, and raised him lovingly as our own. I even drove him home on my lap on the way home from college! Now that is love.

I took a skiing class as part of the semester! SO much fun. I took it with Staley, and went up with Becky other times. Never knew I was good at skiing. Wait, i'm not that good..but sort of. Either way, it was fun. I got an A!! Whooo!

Speaking of sports, I realized I am bad bad bad at long boarding. Well I was good, till I supermanned out on a big turn when I was out long boarding with some guys in my ward. Ya, my left hand tore open. People's first response: HEY at least it is your left hand!!! Yea, I am left handed people. COOL. The picture posted is not for the weak of heart! The result was a lot of visits to the doctor, as well as a weird looking cast. Mom's new rule: no long boarding or I'm out of the will! Yes mother.
I also completed my first biathlon with my friend Tyler, with minimal training: meaning 3 laps in the pool the night before swimming half a mile. I lived! Tyler, the swimmer, threw up, making it memorable...thanks Tyler!
March also brought Hari Krishna celebration, which I went to with Becky, Zak, and Lauren. Lots of colored chalk, loud music, llamas, crazy people, and most of all: fun.

April was...sad. I said goodbye to some dear dear friends I had made at school. Some of whom knew I wouldn't see for over two years. Freshman year was incredible. So many memories, crazy times, LOST episodes, good friends, and NO sleep. I will never forget my last night in Provo: hiking the Y, staying up all night, crying, saying goodbye, packing up, and having Becky drag me out of 1220 Chipman Halls.

May was the month of the start of my Fox5 internship. I worked for the MORE entertainment show, which aired every day for an hour at nine am. I wrote the stories, interviewed people, went out on shoots when reporters were too busy, and got to help guests when they came on the show. They began the live audience on Fridays, so that was a crazy day every week. It was a hands on internship. I fell in love with broadcast journalism and the news business. Sitting in the newsroom with my anchor aunt and weatherman uncle was a blast. And I got to meet some of the craziest folks in Vegas, no joke. Crazy girls, playboy bunnies, gourmet chefs, the cast of the Lion King at a special media show, the Chippendale's guys, and igloo bar tenders.

I consider June the month of Hayes Family BADMINTON! We got my dad a net and racquets, for the twentieth time, for his birthday. My friends Kevin, Charlie, Carly, Trevor, Allyson, JaNae, and Matt became regular fans and players of the sport. We got serious, making teams and having competitions. We spent at least 2 or 3 hours playing each day. It was a great chance to spend lots of time together each night when the weather cooled down. We were pretty good too! My whole family got into it. Next year, the second annual Hayes Family Badminton Invitational will be held. All are invited.

For July, we traveled to Huntington Beach for our yearly summer pilgrimage to escape Vegas heat to the beloved Condo for beach time!! July was packed with fun. Charlie and Kevin surprised me with a visit and us three went to Disneyland for Charlie's birthday. A few days later, we went for Becky's birthday. Three free birthday trips to Disneyland in one year for me. Wow. We dressed up for the midnight premiere of Harry Potter. Becky as Luna Lovegood, me as Rita Skeeter, and Lizzie as Bellatrix Lestrange. Out costumes were super good. Yes, they were. The highlight of the month was our trip to Chicago to see the city, mom's college, and Obama's old house. We then drove to Nauvoo to see grandma and grandpa in all their pioneer glory singing and dancing in old Nauvoo! We were so proud of them, and loved the pageant and beautiful city. I was baptized in Nauvoo, so the city has a special place in my heart, and I would love to go to that temple one day. A truly amazing trip all around.

August was a fabulous end to a fabulous summer. My family completed our summer Book of Mormon reading challenge! Reward: designer jeans all around. Yes! Becky and I were able to spend a great day in Hollywood and attend the "So You Think You Can Dance Live Finale" which was amazing, after watching the show all summer and getting lucky to get two tickets. We also visited Becky at her summer internship: working at the Long Beach Aquarium with the Lorikeet birds all day. Becky and the loud weird birds, very me.

September means back to good old BYU. It was an adjustment from freshman year, but my great new roommates and neighbor sister made it a fun semester. We dove right into school. Highlights include seeing Presidnet Monson at a devotional, getting to reveal slowly to my new roommates Courtney and Kiley my weird obsession with the Jonas Brothers and have them laugh at me and all the decorations I brought with Joe, Kevin , and Nick's face on them, and attending BYU football games. September was also the month I applied, interviewed, and was accepted for the London study abroad program, all within two days. I am very excited.

October's highlight was taking my dear roommates to Las Vegas forthe BYU UNLV game. We enjoyed Hoover Dam, the strip, buffetts, swimming, the temple, and my funny ward testimony meeting. It was the busiest two days ever, but oh so dearly fun. Another highlight was avoiding the plague of the swine flu, and then dressing up as it for Halloween. Offensive? Maybe. Funny? Definitely.

November means In-n-Out opening in Provo, New Moon, and Thanksgiving. November was filled with a lot of fun times with my new wonderful and dear friend Garrett, my blog-idol and all around great guy. Thanksgiving, yet again, proved to be my favorite holiday. With parades, family, and taping my application broadcast story at the Hoover Dam, it was a very busy trip, but much needed. Thanksgiving means family, and I love my family more than life itself. The month was great, and we even made it through it without snow!! Thanks Utah!!

Oh December. Snow, finals, and Christmas. December is suppossed to be the time to study hard for finals so we can be successful in school and all that crap. Well, as these pictures prove, December was much too fun for that. I spent half of it in my snuggie, ice skating, stalking Cosmo Santa, cutting out paper snowflakes, and decorating our apartment's cute little Christmas tree and dressing up as Osama Bin Laden with my soulmate Megan Reed. I guess I am just really festive or something (except that Osama part, that was random). I had to say goodbye to Provo, but was able to get over it as soon as I landed in Hawaii. Christmas was incredible and ended too soon. I ended the month by beginning packing for LONDON! ahh!!!

Whewww. I am tired...what a year it was!! In conclusion....HAPPY NEW YEARS EVERYONE!!! Be grateful we made it through 2009. Look ahead to the future, count your blessings, and have some sparkling grape soda. Here's to an exciting new years filled with many more adventures.

Monday, December 28, 2009

A Week in Paradise: Maui, Hawaii

Thanks to my dear generous grandparents, every six years my family gets to spend a week in the "Maui Ocean Club Resort" in Hawaii. And, thanks to aunts and uncles with small children who make it hard to travel, that six years was cut in half...allowing my family to return to the islands just three years after we last went. I actually was able to go to Hawaii last year, 2008, with my choir when I was still in high school....ahhhh, sweet memories. We went to Oahu, and it was truly amazing. Hawaii is amazing whenever you go. BUT. It was ESPECIALLY amazing this trip. I am not sure if it's because I was in Provo before going, so I was able to appreciate the 85 degree weather we enjoyed all week, or if it's just because I am older and realize not many people my age have gotten to go to Hawaii for a week just for the fun of it, so I loved it more. Whatever the reason was, it was the best trip of my six trips to the islands. I can honestly say that.

I will now document the trip for family and friends, as well as for my journal, since I am planning on just printing out this blog post and glueing it into my journal to save me the writing time. Yay for laziness!! Well, here goes:

FRIDAY: Friday morning, I woke up, packed up my life in Provo (since I will not be returning next semester), said my goodbyes, cried a little, and drove the 6 hours home with mom and Becky. Well, I slept most of it, after suffering a lack of sleep the past week. Thanks final exams!! Our flight left at 2:35 joke!! We were all in a daze at the airport. We slept for the flight, landed in Honolulu at 7 in the morning, switched flights, and arrived in beautiful Maui at 8 am.

SATURDAY: We arrived at the hotel. It is truly beautiful. It has a nice big pool, and our room had a living room, kitchen, and a huge master room. We were lucky enough to be on the first floor, making it easy access to the pool and beach, which was only a few feet away! gorgeous. We spent the day at the pool, just lounging and tanning our pale skin. Lizzie and I accidentally fell asleep on the beach, thanks to the flight, Lizzie woke up slightly red, while I felt like a crispy brown Indian! We also discovered that everyday at 1 pm, the hotel offered one dollar Hawaiian shaved icees. YUMMM. I fell in love with them. Very tasty. The day seemed very long since we were a still on Vegas time, and we ended the day with Hawaiian style pizza and walking down to the outdoor shopping area just down the beach path, called Whaler's village. We got to watch a Tahitian dance Christmas program, very very amusing. Lots of dancing and singing.

SUNDAY: So much for keeping the sabbath day holy. We spent the day at the beach and pool. We were able to go snorkeling at Black Rock, a good spot just a short walk from the hotel. Lots of fish, but the current was sort of bad. We saw a huge sea turtle! It was only a few feet away from my face, I wanted to pet it, but decided I didn't want to end up with a hook like Buster did on arrested development, so I resisted. Lizzie and I were on the beach at sunset, and saw Santa and a group of rowers paddling in the ocean in a canoe! Random, and funny. We saw him three years ago as well. We ate dinner at a delicious restaurant on the beach at Whaler's Village, with a tasty chocolate Macadamia nut pie. mmm.

MONDAY: We yet again lounged all day, I know, you'd think we would get bored. Big surprise, being on the beach and snorkeling and swimming and hot tubbing just doesn't get boring for us! Especially with Hawaiian shaved ice thrown in. That night, for an Family Home Evening activity, we drove up to Lahaine, and ate at Cheeseburger in Paradise, a favorite and tradition of ours. It is named after Jimmy Buffett song, come to find our he sued them for it. Ha ha! It is right on the water, with biig juicy burgers. Our waiter was a strange man from a strange country, he had the largest smile I have ever seen! Also, we couldn't understand a word he said...and he was wearing a hula skirt. Yay. We then walked around the little shops there, admired the sunset, and visited the ABC store and Hilo Hattie store. Favorites of the Hayes girls.

TUESDAY: We decided to break up our routine of doing nothing but swimming all day by taking a trip to the other side of the island to visit a huge volcano, that is still "active", aka, it blow up ever few thousand years. The drive up was breathtaking, but VERY steep and had LOTS of turns. It was beautiful, going up to the top. We stopped for a short hike half way up, and it looked like Jurassic park, I promise. We were within the clouds, and the plant life was so interesting. After about an hour and a half of climbing the mountain, we got to the summit. It was a huge valley which was also the mouth of the volcano. There were signs everywhere that said "walk slowly at this elevation," scary, kind of. We admired it, I talked about how much I learned in physical science, Lizzie told me she was smarter than me by a lot, and then we went down the mountain, stopping along the way to visit a protea flower farm, and to eat some lunch. We also stopped to purchase a coconut, drink the coconut milk out, and eat the fruit. Very delightful. The rest of the day was spent watching the BYU Las Vegas Bowl game VICTORY with some other random BYU fans at the hotel in a hot tub. It was very fun, I have never watched a BYU game from a hot tub. We were wishing we were there till we heard how cold it was....then we decided we were happier in Hawaii. GO COUGARS!!! Mom and dad went out on a date that night, awwwww, so we grilled hot dogs on the beach for dinner! Ha, ha, I know, the three Hayes girls barbecuing. What a joke. We had a great dinner and night swim, ending the night with the White House Oprah Christmas special.

WEDNESDAY: We did something on Wednesday that has become a new tradition for us: visit the blowhole. The blowhole is an under appreciated site that few know about. It is only a half hour away from the hotel, and is stunning. It is a hole formed in the rocks that blows up massive amounts of water in a steep pillar with very wave that comes in. It also has a beautiful backdrop of jagged cliffs and very blue water. It really is incredible. Lizzie and I, much to my mother's dismay, got pretty close to it, but decided she would have a heart attack if we got TOO close, so we snapped some pictures, and went back to the car. Feeling adventurous, we drove a bit further. It is just so green and pretty we couldn't resist. We found ourselves on a VERY narrow road, one way!!! We had no idea what we would do if another car came along, considering the steep cliffs we could easily fall off. The village the road lead to was very cute and quaint, but not worth living there, considering you have to risk your life getting there. We got a delicious fresh mango smoothie from a man in a school bus selling beverages. On the way home, we stopped by the most beautiful spot on earth. A little cove with green hills and perfect surfing waves and a quaint little stand selling fruit. We had two coconuts, yum!, and passion fruit!! I have a new found love of tropical fruit, it is so fresh, sweet, and tasty. The spot was a local hang out, so I am sure we stood out like a sore thumb, but we enjoyed ourselves. Becky, Mom, and I went snorkeling later and saw a lot of fish. I did my Christmas shopping at Whaler's Village, and Mom and Dad grilled us up some Hawaiian burgers for dinner, served with our favorite beverage, POG JUICE!! (Passion Orange Guava...the nectar of the god's.)

THURSDAY: We savored our last morning in Hawaii with swimming and beaching. We soaked up the rays, said farewell to the room and ocean, found a Hawaii Santa wandering about packed up, and went to the airport. Our flight home played 500 Days of Summer, and served us a special Christmas "feast" (in a box), so the flight home wasn't that it was Christmas Eve!!! We got back to Vegas safe and sound, missing the islands as soon as we got there.

This trip was great. My family had a great time together, and I realized I want to move to a beach that is always warm with water always 75 degrees. I need to find me a native to marry! Thanks grandma and grandpa for the trip, it truly was memorable.