the campas

the campas

Friday, November 27, 2009

Black Friday.

I am tired. Here is why:

4:30 AM-Drove to Wal-Mart for the sales with dad and lizzie. I don't remember what I was wearing, what I said, or how I got up. but i did.
4:54 AM-Got yelled at by a Nazi lady who decided that someone died and made her queen of the wal mart. She demanded that no one touch the DVD's till five. Ok like that really matters. freak.
5:00 AM-Watched people run all over wal mart and grab things like crazy people. Was too tired to do so.
5:15 AM-Found "Baby Mama," "The Dark Knight." and "Ocean's 11," and the new Miley Cyrus CD for a total of 13 dollars. HOLLER.
5:30-6:00-Stood in line in the dark freezing outside of Office Max and then got a computer for the Condo.
6:30 AM-9:00 AM- Went back to sleep and felt like death. But it was worth it.
11:00 AM-1:00 PM- Braved the crowds at the Galleria Mall. Don't ever go into Bath and Body works on Black Friday unless you want bruises from being pushed around and a headache from holiday scents.
3:00 PM- 5:00 PM- Went to Noordstrom's rack and tried on 16 pairs of boots and 20 pairs of True Religion Jeans and didn't buy anything. Epic FAIL. But it was fun.

Today was so fun. Lizzie and I are so tired. The picture I posted is us not functioning well. I learned a lot today. Crowds are funny, sales are almost always worth it, Wal Mart is funny, and I LOVE fridays that are black. Now, I need sleep before I embarass myself further.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

My Room

I love my bedroom. I am sitting in it right now just contemplating how great it is. I might never get married or graduate college and just come back home and sit in my bedroom all day. My bedroom is so funny because it has all my high school stuff plastered all over the walls, and random awkward things I saved. It makes me laugh. I really miss it. Particularly my bed. Which is rather comfortable. Oh and my Jonas Brothers posters all over the wall. Oh and in the picture I posted, I am sitting in my HUGE lazy boy recliner which my grandparents gave to me. Ok, they didn't, I stole it from them. But it takes up like half my room and I love it. It is the kind of chair an old man would sit in, and me too. Anyways, I love my room. The end.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Coming HOME

I am going home today. In two and a half hours. and i could NOT be more excited. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday for numerous reasons.

Las year's Thanksgiving was the best ever. I realized that the last week of schol before the Holidays was not busy for me, so my parents let me come home FIVE days early. It was amazing. AND Lizzie and I went to the JONAS BROTHERS CONCERT!! Easily the happiest day of my life. That is probably was the celestial kingdom is like i think. Gosh I was so happy there.

I love making lists, so I will do so right now about my love for Thanksgiving.

-I love seeing my family...especially hanging out with my little sister Lizzie.
-I L.O.V.E. the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade. It is tradition to watch it in my house. I love Al Roker screaming: "Let's have a parade!!" And the Broadway numbers they do. And when Disney stars get stuck on crappy Pillsbury Dough Boy floats and look angry the whole time.
-I love seeing my extended family, because they are funny. At least I think they are.
-I love eating a lot and using the excuse that the calories don't count because it is a holiday.
-I love the fact that when Thanksgiving is over it is CHRISTMAS so you don't even have to be sad it's over.
-I love black Friday shopping and spending lots of money on things I don't really need.
-I love my bed. And my room.
-I love seeing all my high school friends and going back into the choir room. I love that room, so many good memories were made there.
-I love being away from school for a few days.
-I love the warm weather in Vegas. And just Vegas in general.

So, Vegas, here I come. I love you so much. And i am excited to see you.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

IN-N-OUT in Utah

History was made two days ago when In-N-Out opened up in Provo. For so long, I have seen facebook group after facebook group with names like: "bring In-N-Out to Utah!!!" orrrrr....."we <3 In-N-Out!!!" there is definitely a demand. and now there is a supply. shout out to Mr. Naftaly, senior year Economics teacher.

I have grown up in Las Vegas, which had In-N-Out. There was one by my high school. I remember during long musical practices, when we would get an hour lunch or dinner break, we would always go to In-N-Out. And we had been dancing/singing all day, so we could stuff our faces without feeling guilty. All my guy friends ate SOO much, it was incredible. I have fond memories at the In-N-Out, so I am excited that there is one here. It reminds me of home. And I love it.

Of course, Staley Garrett and I went on opening night. We found, once we got there, a line of cars like a half a mile long. They had lines of orange traffic comes and tons of new employees to direct the traffic. It wasn't too bad waiting. It took about twenty minutes, and we got to listen to the new John Mayer album in the car. They had employees take your order half way through the line, then another to confirm it, and then ANOTHER to confirm it (gees. I heard my order like 19583 times), and then finally you got your food. I have to say, I am VERY impressed by the friendliness and sincerity of their staff. I guess it makes sense that they are top notch. Thousands of people applied to work there. And when we got to the front of the line and saw about 30 employees really busy and working hard, looking happy, too, it warmed my heart. All these people needed a job during the recession, and now they have a solid good paying job.

So thanks In-N-Out for bringing jobs to the community, and animal fries to my stomach.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

London Movie Marathon

Two days ago I had my London prep class. It is HILARIOUS. For a lot of reasons. None of us really want to be there, but really want to go to London, so we all show up. The professors don’t even want to be there, I don’t think. It basically consists of a bunch of giggly girls and our professor telling us all the fun stuff we are going to do. They also tell us how to stay alive and not get kidnapped or robbed. They spent a long time lecturing us on not having jet lag yesterday, and told us to bring peanut butter. Or maybe that was for the culture shock, (which I don’t believe is going to happen, because Great Britain is essentially American with better dressed people who drive on the other side of the road.) Either way, how in the world is peanut butter going to help me unless I get hungry for a sandwich whilst meandering around London???? Also, did you know fanny pack is a bad phrase there?? Good thing they told me that, because I am DEFINITELY bringing a fanny pack. My parents have a lot of those. Maybe that is the point of the pre class, to tell us what to say. I also recently learned that we are not allowed to date the locals. Which really puts a damper on my plans to find my F.E.C (future eternal companion) over there. I was going to seduce him in the local pub over fish and chips. Dang it.

Anyways. I am going to London with my roommate from last year, Karalyn Hastings. Let me explain Karalyn and I. We have lived two minutes away from each other out entire lives, and our families are friends. We even took dance together when we were little!! We also have a lot of mutual friends, but were in different stakes, and different high schools. Basically, we weren’t friends at all. When freshman year came around, we both roomed completely random. And out of the thousand and thousands of girls going to BYU, we were put to live together. That, my friends, is FATE. Fate I tell you. Now we are dear dear friends that are going to live together in Europe. Love it.

So yesterday during the class, we spent our time compiling a list of classic movies involving London that we need to watch before we get there. We will probably have a marathon over winter break. It was hilarious. Here is our conversation:

Anna: “Oh, we HAVE to watch ‘What a Girl Wants!’ Classic London movie…”
Karalyn: “Oh ya, and ‘She’s the Man!!’”
Anna: “….why??? that has NOTHING to do with London.”
Karalyn: “But it is such a good movie!!”
Anna: “True, true…”

HAHAH. I love it.

I posted a picture of the list we made. Feel free to add/delete from it. Oh and if you happen to be in our neck of the woods (aka off of Russell road in Las Vegas) during winter break, bring your fake British accent and pop on over to watch these films with us.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


So, apparently last night I witnessed some historic meteor, crashing down in Southern Utah, and I feel like this must be documented for future generations.

I will start out by confessing that I didn’t even know it was a meteor until today when I was running into my physical science class, which I am always late to due to the fact that my religion class right before that is in the RB, on the OPPOSITE side of the world, and I always look like a fool running to my least favorite class. Anywho. So I popped into the door and saw my dear friend Chelsea Howell ,who always saves me a seat, pointing up at the screen really fast to tell me to watch whatever my professor was playing. So I did. He was playing a news clip about the meteor. All I heard was “flash of light,” so I stopped dead in my tracks and watched it. It was a KSL clip from this morning about the meteor. I will document how it went down for me:

It was 12:10 las night, and my dearly beloved friend Garrett Harding and I were in his apartment watching season 3 of “Arrested Development,” because that is what we do with our lives. All of a sudden, through the blinds, we saw this HUGE flash of light. It was so so so SO bright. We both gasped, I am pretty sure. I became concerned, and asked Garrett if it was a bomb, because that made sense in my head.

“Oh gosh, we are getting bombed. In Provo. I am going to die as an unmarried sophomore college student in Provo, Utah. Ughhh.”

Garrett, on the other hand, (being a spiritually minded fellow), decided it was the 2nd coming! That shows our personalities. I am planning my funeral and Garrett is preparing the meet the Savior.
Garrett got up and looked out the window for a few minutes. We concluded that it was a spotlight or something, and resumed our exciting “Arrested Development” episode, glad to be alive.

But, this is not the first time that something historic or weird has happened to me without me realizing it was historic. When I was about 11, there was some freak massive earthquake in Las Vegas. I remember being woken up by it because the blinds were shaking so badly. I thought it was a robber. No joke, I had been paying attention to all those elementary school lessons about not going off into the night with a mysterious man who climbs through your window. My parents came running into my room and explained to me what was happening. Meanwhile, Lizzie slept through the whole thing….love her.

Come to find out, this particular meteor was a straggler from the big Monday night Leonid meteor shower. It was the biggest meteor around here since 2001. It landed somewhere in Southern Utah, but was visible from all around Utah, and even in Idaho and Vegas.
I felt pretty excited I saw it, or saw the flash of light. I am also excited it wasn’t a bomb/the second coming, because: I have always said I don’t want to die by a bomb….and, frankly….I am just not ready for the second coming quite yet.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

product of my parents


"all because two people fell in love."
-brad paisley

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Being sick is SICK

Hello world. First off, let me apologize for being a horrid blogger. I realized I have a love of online networking, naturally, I mean, I am a Comms major of sorts. But this whole blogging thing has become too much for me. I love twitter. I love facebook. Like i LOVE facebook. If I could major in facebooking, I would, trust me. AND it really doesn't make sense that I don't blog more. I love writing, and talking, and having opinions. Blogging=me. Anyways, enough of that, I will repent of my ways and become a more faithful blogger.

I am dedicating this post to the wonderful experience of being sick. I skillfully avoided illnesses of all kind my entire freshman year of college. It was a sort of miracle which i attribute to the healing powers of wheatgrass and prayer. But this year, despite me feigning pregnancy to get an H1N1/Swine flu shot, the stress and germs of college caught up with me. BOO. And it all happened on my busiest week of this year. Splendid. Also, this probably happened because I dressed up as the swine flu for Halloween. BUT I don't have the swine flu, I have strep throat. Pretty sure. This is all self-diagnosis. THANKS BYU HEALTH CENTER FOR CLOSING ON SATURDAYS. always starts with oyu realizing you are getting sick, and starting the mental process of talking yourself out of it.
"Oh, I'm fine! I just didn't get a lot of sleep last night. Ya, that's all it is!"
YA RIGHT. That is the first step of sickness, denial. That happened to me on tuesday. I went and got some wheatgrass. Yum. Then it was all downhill, kind of, I improved for like three days, except I got the black lung. And today, as I had to take my huge physical science exam, AND when the sky decided to snow today, I realized I was full-blown sick.

This sickness has given me a lot of time to ponder life. Ohhh life. How I love thee. This is what I decided. Here, for your viewing pleasure, I made a list.
1. I love catching up on old TV shows and watching pointless movies during times of illness.
2. The only person that really makes you feel better is your mother.
3. Taco Bell still tastes great on an upset stomach. Por Que??
4. Good roommates are essential for recovery. Staley made me some tastey "strep throat" cure beverage that was absolutely thrlling. It tasted like Hogwarts.
5. I love Arrested Development.
6. I love that my sister lives next door to me so that she can care for me.
7. I like that being sick gets you out of any previous committments you weren't looking forward to participating in.
8. Tis the season to listen to a David Archuletta Christmas CD.
9. Snow is pretty when you are laying in bed watching it fall, not running to class slipping in it.

And that, my friends, is what sickness does for you. So, although I spent half the day asleep and the other half failing a test and being a social outcast, I enjoyed my day of pondering and realizing that life is good. Very good.